With you forever

I knock at your door
hit your window with a stone
and when you dont answer
my heart starts to moan.

But then I hear your voice
as sweet as angels sing
A beautiful song you sang
as you sat upon your swing

I coming running to you
with your smiling face
you let out a sigh of comfort
as you feel my warm embrace

as we fall into the grass
our hearts are filled with laughter
you see, to be in each others arms
is truly what we're after

I hold you tight and whisper
then I kiss your little nose
you seem to be embaressed
Your face reminds me of a rose

its you my little one
that I long to kiss
and its you my darling dear
I long to snuggle with

You see its you
who brightens each and evey day
Yes, its you my little one
who makes my troubles fade away

I want to sleep with you forever
I'll love you all the time
I'll be yours forever
Love your babymine