The Light on the Blade

The Unforgettable Sound

Rating: R

Summary: Derek hates God because of all the evil things he's done to him-killing his brother and boyfriend, making his dad a drunk, his mother a hooker...Liam doesn't really have a religion, but he loves God and thanks him for what's good in his life. Can Liam change Dereks outlook on God before Derek takes drastic measures to get rid of all the pain? Slash, M/M.

A/N: I've been tossing this idea around in my head for a few months, and I've decided that I'm going to go with it. I do believe in God, so Derek's views do not reflect my own. However, if you don't believe in God or don't think he's as almighty as everyone else in this world does, I'm fine with that. I'm not going to judge you by your outlook on God.

Derek woke up in an empty bed. He heard the shower running and assumed it was Liam.

Slowly, Derek made his way downstairs. Liam soon joined him, slipping his arms around Derek's waist on the way downstairs. "Morning, Derek," he kissed Dereks neck.

"Morning, Liam," Derek said sleepily. He walked over to the couch, where he turned around and fell back onto it, making Liam fall on top of him.

Liam kissed him before smiling down at him. "So..."

"So..." Derek sighed.

"I wonder what's going to happen with foster care..."

"Me too. They can't do anything because I'm not underage. I'm 18,"

"Yeah," Liam was silent. "Mmhmm..." he absentmindedly played with Derek's hair.

Jenifer's voice slowly floated into the living room. "Liam, Derek, breakfast!"

"Liam? I have an idea..."

"What's that?"

"Would your mom give us enough money to get the first two months rent on an apartment paid?"

Liam nodded. "Yeah, probably,"

"Because I was thinking that we should move in to our own place...And since you still want to go to school, and I don't...I could drop out and get a job while you go to school...And then we could look into college for you,"

Liam's face lit up. "Really? I mean, the only subject I have any trouble in is math...I could finish up my senior year and get my credits, and then get in to a pretty good college...And then get a good job as a..." Liam's face went blank.


"I don't know what I want to do," he said softly.

"...You could be a teacher," Liam's enthusiasm shot back up.

"Yeah, I could be a teacher. I want to be a teacher, could I be a teacher?"

Derek kissed him. "I think you'd make a wonderful teacher, Liam," Liam blushed as his mother's voice floated into the room again.

"Liam, Derek, come on! Your breakfast's getting cold!" Liam smiled at Derek as he pulled them off the couch.

"I'll ask Mom about it after breakfast,"

"Ask me about what after breakfast, Liam?" Derek shot him a glance as Liam stood in front of his mother.

"Well...uh...Derek and I want to get an apartment...He could drop out so he could get a job and I could keep going to school so I can go to college to become a teacher...And we were wondering if you'd pay the first two months rent on an apartment so we could get started...?"

Jenifer's face was blank before she let out a squeal and hugged her son. "Oh I'm so happy!"

Liam uncomfortably hugged her back.

"I'm so glad you're looking for a career in teaching!" she shrieked. There was a thump upstairs and Derek guessed it was Jaine's way of telling her she was too loud.

Liam blushed. "Yeah. Derek gave me the idea to become a teacher, and I really liked it,"

Jenifer's smile-if possible-got even bigger. "So he's a great influence. God, I love you both!"

"I'm...I'm glad your so supportive...Dad never would've been this way,"

Jenifer's face tightened. "Yes, well David never was that great of a father. He molested his children,"

"Yeah, I know..." Liam's voice got considerably smaller and he fell back into Derek's arms timidly.

"He was a horrible man and I'm surprised I never--oh, dammit, excuse me," she said as the phone rang. "Hello? He...he's...he's getting out...w...why? Good behavior! He molested and raped his children! Isn't that..yeah. Alright. Mmhmm. I can't get a restraining order against him, can I? Oh. Alright. Yes. Yes. No. He and Jaine are still here. Mmhmm. Of course. I'll let them know. Bye," Liam and Derek exchanged a glance. Jenifer hung up the phone and gave a grim look to her son.

"David's getting out. Because of good behavior. They said that I can't get a restraining order against him for you-bullshit-so you're just going to have to hope and pray that he won't find you. I'm sorry, Liam,"

Liam's eyes filled with tears and he turned around and hid his face in Derek's shirt.

"'ll be alright. He won't find you, he won't find you..."

"H..He...he raped me, Derek...I was the kid he raped..." Liam whispered, sobbing louder. Jaine came downstairs, ready to yell at someone for the noise. Her expression softened when she saw Liam crying in Derek's arms.


"Your father's getting out, Jaine," her look of confusion was replaced with a look of fear.

"Wh...Why?" she said, tears forming in her eyes.

"Good...Good behavior," Jenifer whispered before her daughter ran into her arms.

Liam continued to cry onto Derek's shirt. "I...I hate him so much, Derek,"

"I know, sweetie, I know," Derek said back.

"I...Why me?" he sobbed louder. "I didn't do anything to him at all, and then one day out of the blue he just rapes me,"

Derek continued to let his boyfriend cry into his chest. He hated to see him like that. If he could kill his father and somehow make it out of it still in Liam's arms...

"Shh..." Derek said softly, kissing the side of Liam's head. Jaine had gotten over the initial shock and went into the living room to drown out her fears with cartoons. Liam, however, was the one with a boyfriend, and he continued to cry into his shirt. Not because he could, but because he needed to.

"I love you, Derek,"

"I love you too, Liam,"

"W...Will you promise to keep me away from him?" Liam looked up into his eyes hopefully. The teary-eyed teen broke Derek's heart right there.

"I can't make any promise with that, Liam. But I can try my best,"

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