Last Letter

I felt like such an idiot when I saw you sitting on my bed as I rushed up the stairs. You just sat there and watched me silently, like the fox in the forest had. I smiled as I raised my head and tore my eyes from the stairs and saw you sitting there.

How could I have been so stupid as to not look in my own room for you? And you'd waited there for me all this time.

You didn't complain. You never complained. I was always the one complaining about the things you could do which I wasn't capable of. Maybe that was why you were so perfect? Because everything was so perfect to you.

But...there was something wrong. You didn't shine up when you saw me. You didn't radiate that otherworldly light of yours which blinded me with its brilliance. You had a certain look on your face; stern and decided, yet you seemed to be worried, like a mother scolding their child. You simply looked at me, your flickering bleach blue eyes following me as I came inside and proceeded to close the door.

Your eyes told me not to. Your eyes told me to stand there and not move, not to touch you, not to speak your name, not to dare take another step.

Your eyes told me we were forbidden.

I hadn't yet closed the door completely, still looking your way to see a change, to understand, when I heared voices from downstairs. It was unmistakably Uncle and Grandma, but I didn't catch their whole conversation; I was too enchanted by your movements, as you slowly set a tender foot on the creaking floorboards and stepped off the soft, warm bed.

"...hasn't spoken since the accident..."

"I know. This can't continue, it's..."

"I don't know what to do; he doesn't come home some nights."

My breath hit back against my face; warm, hitching, my heart thumping painfully in my chest as I watched with excitement how you closed in on me, your careful feet advancing over the floor was lit by shadows and the orange of the late afternoon sun. Your long white fingers, painted with a faint pink touch of blood, grabbed the hem of my blue t-shirt.

"...and he stays in his bed all day."

Why did they say such cruel things about you? I wanted them to love you as much as I did. I wanted them to see the beautiful world you moved in.

I caught your hand and pulled you towards me, feeling your crimson lips stroking mine, our throbbing breaths waltzing with each other's, before I was distracted by the sound of footsteps climbing up the stairs that lead right to my room on the second floor.

I looked away, out through the slight opening of the door. Uncle was coming upstairs, a worried look on his time-bitten face.

There was no mistake. He was coming for me. I looked to you to see why he was coming here for me. Why was he coming for me and not you? Hadn't it been you they were speaking about?

What had I done? I just wanted to deserve your company, deserve to run beside you through your Magical Forest and ride with you on your Fairy Tale Wind.

But you weren't there when I looked. Where you had stood there was just empty space and wooden floorboards lit by silent gold and orange. How could that be when I was still feeling your sweaty warm hand in mine? When I was still feeling your nervous breath against my lips? When I could still feel your soul wrap around me and take me to those other worlds? When it was still perfect, like it should be. You and me, untouchable, indestructable, a perfect law.

Uncle called my name carefully. There was a knocking on the door, cutting like daggers and razor blades through my daze and the hard lump in my throat. I twitched, my eyes burning with some liquid I hadn't felt for years as I still stared at the sacred place where you'd been.

And you weren't there to save me now.

You had never been there.

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream" - Edgar Allan Poe

Ghost, hallucination, dream, fantasy?

You decide.

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