Effigy of Eden

Meant to live forever, we were justly cursed to die,
And dwindle in the darkness as forever passes by.
Golden cloaks of glory, for our shame, were stripped away,
And left us scared and naked in the holy cool of day.
Meant to live forever, not return unto the ground,
But cursed to wander ever lost for fear of being found,
Clinging to the beauty that was cursed to fade with time,
And shameful of our senescence, the symbol of our crime.
Meant to live forever, we exchanged our immortality
For lives of death and decadence, for shame and immorality,
So a portrait of perfection, painted out of lust,
Would fill the boy with jealousy, with sorrow and disgust.

Doomed to wane and weaken, afraid to fade away
His fear and folly turn him into soft, submissive clay
Admiring the beauty of a summer's day so warm,
The painter paints his picture, as the sculptor molds his form.
Doomed to wane and weaken, yields his soul that he could stay
Bright and young and ageless as the painting fades to gray,
But gray is in his nature, as gray is in his name,
Through the shameless white demeanor, he's a spirit still of shame.
Doomed to wane and weaken, the portrait ever will,
Youth and beauty mark his mask but soulless is he still,
Selfish vice and vanity, evil and disgrace,
Hiding in a hollow heart, behind a pretty face.

An effigy of Eden, deceitful and profane,
He sacrificed the innocent and killed her thus in vane.
Pleasing selfish pleasure, for he never could abate it,
Seeking art and beauty, for he never could create it.
An effigy of Eden, a slave to fear and shame,
He killed the loyal painter when the sculptor was to blame,
And all his empty efforts, to cleanse him white as snow,
Left him gray and graceless still, despite his sinless show.
An effigy of Eden, heartless to the last,
Proof unto the ages that we can't escape the past;
The curse of sin cannot be bribed; youth can never stay,
And dust and drapes will fail to hide The Picture of Dorian Gray.