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"Goddesses!?!" all four girls repeated in disbelief.

"All right, that's it. Who the hell are you?" Hoshi clenched her fists and transformed again, causing the other girls to stare at her in amazement. "If this is some sort of trick, you had better tell us NOW!" An icy wind ripped through the room, catching up clothes and papers in a mini hurricane.

"Oh…my…god." Ukiyo closed her eyes. 'If they have powers…then Kasai and I must have powers too.' She felt a warmth go through her body and opened her eyes, smiling triumphantly. She had transformed! She held up one of her hands and concentrated on it. It burst into flames, and when she put both of her hands together above her head, the flames jumped and grew, covering and connecting both of her hands.

"Sacred fire of the gods

Take pity on your children

Show us the owner of the voice that plagues us!"

she shouted, her voice rising a little with each word.

The fire gathered itself into a ball, which hovered between her hands. She lowered the ball so that she could see into it. She saw a woman with waist-length red hair and black eyes, wearing a knee-length roman toga and roman sandals. The woman smiled at her.

"Hello Ukiyo, goddess of fire."

"I'm not a goddess…am I?" Ukiyo asked quietly.

The woman nodded. "Yes. Your mother was killed, so you will inherit her position and her power when you turn thirteen, as will Tsuki and Hoshi."

"Why not Kasai?" Ukiyo demanded.

"Because I am Kasai's mother. May I speak to her?"

"…sure…"Ukiyo sent the fireball to Kasai, who caught it gingerly, looking confused.

"Your mom wants to talk to you." Ukiyo muttered.

"My…mother?" Kasai's eyes widened and she transformed, a pink cherry blossom appearing on her forehead. She looked into the fire that was in her hands.

"Hello, my precious child. It has been a long time, hasn't it?" the goddess inside the fire held her hands out towards Kasai, trying in vain to escape her prison.

"Mother...if you're still alive, why did I have to grow up in an orphanage?" Kasai's eyes filled up, and she began to sob, shaking violently.

"Because it keep you four together, and without their mothers, the others weren't allowed to live with us. Forgive me, my darling. It was my only choice."

"I'm sorry. I can't forgive you." Kasai passed the fireball back to Ukiyo, then put her hand over her mouth and ran from the room.

"Kasai!" Ukiyo snapped her fingers and the fireball sank back into her body. She sighed, then ran after Kasai, a concerned look on her face.

"Kasai! Stop!" Ukiyo panted. Finally, Kasai stopped at the bottom of the stairs that Tsuki had fallen down earlier. She looked back at Ukiyo, then climbed the stairs.

"Kasai..." Ukiyo shook her head and followed her petite friend up the stairs. When she got to the top, she saw Kasai standing in front of one of the many windows.

"Ukiyo...she gave me to an orphanage, and never even bothered to keep in touch with me." Kasai sank to the floor, tears streaming from her pupil-less eyes.

"Oh...Kasai, I'm sure she had a good reason." Ukiyo sat on the floor and held her blonde friend until she stopped shaking. "Are you all better now?"

"Mm-hmm...thanks for staying with me." Kasai mumbled as she wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. Suddenly she gasped and looked up.

"What is it?" Ukiyo looked up and saw a girl with waist-length gray hair, black eyes and extremely pale skin advancing on them. She was holding a large sword in one hand, and in the other was a ball of black fire.

"You are the awakened ones. I must kill the awakened ones." the girl said in a flat voice as she threw the ball of fire at them. Just as it was about to hit them, it was deflected by a purple wall.

"Kasai, Ukiyo, are you alright?" Hoshi helped them stand up, and then the three of them looked at Tsuki, who was holding both of her hands out, supporting the shield. The black fire disappeared, and Tsuki waved her hands, reforming the shield into a giant purple ball.

"You tried to kill my friends!" Tsuki's hair floated around her head once more, and her whole body was surrounded by a bright purple light.

"Woah..." Kasai gasped.

"Nnng...raah!" Tsuki threw the ball at the gray-haired girl, who screamed and disappeared when it hit her.

"Hmph." Tsuki's hair fell down to her shoulders, and the aura gradually dissipated. She turned around to face her friends, and they saw that her eyes weren't reflecting any light, and the purple moon on her forehead was shining as bright as her aura had been. She closed her eyes, and when she opened them, the moon was gone and her eyes were back to normal.

"Well...that really takes a lot out of a girl." Tsuki said quietly. Then, before anyone knew what had happened, she fainted and fell to the floor with a loud THUNK.