Sing to the beat.
Dance in the heat.
Clear the floor.
You want more?

Curse this rhyme.
I have no time.
To play in your foul game.
Where can I lay the blame?

Curse you for all you've done.
Curse you I can't have fun.
Not without remembering the crime.
My God I'm rhyming!

Hey I just broke it.
Choke and smoke it.
Now I'm just buying time.
I can't finish this rhyme!

Wow, this is lame.
Anyone want to take the chain?
And yank it hard.
Hit the damn bard!

I feel like Roger Rabbit.
The Detective didn't have the habit.
To rhyme on time.
Dear God there's no thyme!

Yes it sucks.
On purpose!

It was supposed to suck!!!!!!!!!! Just to let cha know.. -winks-