"I Just Wish She Knew..."


by: shattered teardrops


My practiced smile fixed

in place as I watched her go

she's leaving me soon


We grew as siblings

And stood firm with each other

we're unbreakable


Together we grew

Shared memories so special

Now, she needs to go


Even though it's hard

To set her free and go

I need to do this


I'll let her go

And let her soar on her own

Though it brings great pain


I'll just sit and smile

As I say "good-bye, sister"

Good-bye, you're free now


My heart is in pain,

in unuttered agony

yet I smile at her


It's her wedding day

And it's my heart's funeral

But I have to smile


I'll keep my secret,

My most well-guarded secret

'Til the day I die


My adopted sister

I'm deeply in love with her

I just wish she knew...