Joanne Levins was not what you'd call an adventurous girl. In fact, most people would call her very shy, and sometimes you'd even hear "nerd" used. She usually kept to herself and studied, not going to the frat parties that were constantly going on all over the campus. Her roommate, Kylie, didn't seem to mind that she was a book worm, but she always tried to talk her into going with her to the parties. Joanne was on scholarship to Berkley, and she really didn't want to mess things up with that. She was studying to be a History teacher for middle school students. It didn't occur to her that she missing out on the best years of her life by keeping her nose in her school work. She didn't think there was anything wrong with her at all, until she heard her supposed friend, " Colby" talking about her. He'd befriended her on their first day at Berkley. He'd been a starting freshman just like her, and they had all of their classes together. She was walking down the hall,when she heard her name. He was talking to someone else, and what she heard shocked her completely.

" You do not want to get involved with Joanne Levins, Tay. She's one of my best friends, and I care about her. She's just so....boring at times. All she wants to do, is talk about her school work,and how she wants to study this or study that. Not once has she gone to a frat party with Kylie or me. Frankly, I'm surprised you even know who she is." She didn't stay to hear anymore, she just ran to her dorm room. She wasn't going to cry, because she really wasn't sad. What she was though, was angry. How dare he talk about her like that! He didn't know her well enough to be making those kind of accusations. Kylie was lying down on her bed when Joanne burst through the door.
" Good, you're here. I need to ask you a question." Kylie sat up and grinned at her. Kylie had always been nice to her too. She liked to think that she'd have been friends with her, even if she hadn't been her roommate. Kylie waited patiently for me to start with my question.

" Kylie, do you think I'm boring?" Kylie obviously hadn't expected that question, because her smile faded and she looked geniunely shocked.

" Who called you boring, Jo? I'd never say you were boring, because you're really not. You do need to have more fun, however." Joanne sighed, and ran her hand through her long blonde hair.

" I just overheard Colby talking to some guy about me. He told him that he didn't want to hook up with me, because I was boring and nerdy." Kylie grimaced at her, and turned away. Joanne was taken aback by Kylie's reaction to this.

" Why the face, ky? Do you know something that I don't?" Kylie turned back around and had a smile on her face.

" Jo, do you not know that the boy has a crush on you? He's been mooning over you since you two met,and you've had no idea. If there was someone that was trying to get advice about approaching you, he's not wanting them to ask you out. Granted, it's not the best thing to insult the person you're crazy about, but I guess that's his stradegy." Joanne's mouth dropped open. Colby liked her?
" What do you mean Colby likes me? He does not, you've totally imagined that!" Kylie giggled at her reaction to the news. Colby had made her swear to secrecy, but if he was taking this tactic, he definitely needed help.

" Jo, you're a babe! You've got beautiful blonde hair, pretty blue eyes, a body I would kill for, and not to mention...your complexion and tan is flawless. Guys have been stumbling over you all year, you just haven't realized it." Joanne blushed all the way down to her hair.

" Kylie, I know that I'm not pretty. I'm not even going to dilude myself in that aspect, but I do need to get out and have some fun." Kylie's face brightened at her statement.

" There's a party over at Sigma Nu, so we could go there." Joanne really didn't want to go to a frat house party, but what else was there to go to? It was Friday after all, so what could possibly happen?

Kylie had lent Joanne a dress to wear, but she was immensly uncomfortable. She had on a very short, pale pink, strapless dress. She had a matching sweater over her shoulders. The heels that she had on were almost impossible to walk in. Kylie has apologized, but she'd abadoned her to go make out with some jock on the football team. Kylie was looking for somewhere to sit, when she ran into something very solid. When she saw that it was Taylor Horde, her face turned bright red. He grinned at her and helped her steady herself.

" Joanne, I really wasn't expecting you to show up at our party." Joanne tried not to look disappointed, and was about to excuse herself when he chuckled again.

" I just meant that this is a pleasant surprise. Do you want to go outside for some air with me?" She didn't know what to say, so she just nodded her agreement to him. He smiled even brighter and took her arm to help her manuever around the crowd. He yelled at someone to bring him two drinks. Joanne was a ball of nerves, because she didn't like being around a lot of people. When they got on the porch, there wasn't many people out there at all. He led her to the porch swing for them to sit on, which she did gratefully. When their drinks were delivered to them, Joanne was more calm then she expected to get. She looked over at him and smiled sweetly.

" Thanks, I'm not really used to these parties." He nodded.

" I know what you mean. I've been wanting to talk to you for awhile now, but I never seem to be able to catch up to you." Joanne glanced over at him, suprisedly.

" You've been wanting to talk to me?" He grinned at her.

" Yes. It's not about homework or anything like that, I just wanted to go out with you sometime." Joanne didn't know what to say...she just stared. The most beautiful boy had just told her that he wanted to ask her out. How was she not going to screw this up?"