Face of Blame

Crunch, crunch
Crackle, crackle
Egg shells are breaking
You're walking upon them
Feeling nervous?
Have guilt, yet?
Trying to forget it?
Well, too late,
It's been done.
"It wasn't me, it wasn't me!"
You cry over and over
Why the broken egg shells then?
Why the nervous twitch?
You know what you did,
Who you did it to also
You know
But you stay in the shadows
As I suffer within myself
I see you in your seat
You try to hide from my eyes
But you feel the burn
And you look at me with guilt
Guilt won't save you now
It's done, over, but still burns in me
You just move on,
Just don't forget,
What you did to me,
Or the others will become victims soon too.