WARNING: This fiction is a PWP, meaning porn without plot, meaning mindless sex. If you are uncomfortable with this, I suggest clicking the back button right now and reading something else. That being said, all smut whores who are my next-of-kin, read and enjoy ;-)

Title: Secret of the Oasis

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Horus has been watching Anubis everyday before he leaves for a place unknown to the falcon god. One day Horus decides to follow him and gets more than he bargained for.

Author's Note: The characters used in this story don't technically belong to me. They are Egyptian gods and goddesses, and I am writing this off a myth. The Oasis and spirits, however, do belong to me, so steal them and die, bitches.

Horus and Anubis: Horus is the protector of Pharaohs and is usually depicted with a falcon's head. He is the son of Isis and Osiris

Anubis is the god of embalming (mummification) and of the dead. He is usually depicted with a jackal's head. His is the son of Osiris and Nephthys (who made love to Osiris while he was under a spell and was actually married to his/her brother).

Horus and Anubis are half-brothers.

Heaven for Egyptian gods was an enormous palace, made of alabaster and marble. It was lavish, with full, lush gardens and art and furniture everywhere. There were pools and baths filled with crystal clear water and silk drapes that flowed gently in the breeze. The food was always exquisite. It was paradise.

And Horus hated it.

Never having been one to prefer standing around and getting fat rather than fighting, Horus was not exactly happy living in the palace. He went down to Egypt often, usually disguised as a simple peasant or a poor merchant, trying to get away from the suffocating air of his home. He was always there whenever any Pharaoh every need protection, because it gave him another excuse to get out of the house, and quite a good one too, because Pharaoh's needed a lot of protection. You wouldn't believe how eager greedy people were to get the throne.

However, Horus always made sure that he was home at the same time in the same place everyday. The time was close to sunset, hidden in the lush bushes in the gardens, right outside Anubis's room. Because everyday at this same time, Anubis would come out of his room clad in nothing more than a simple cloth round his waist, and would spend a few minutes gathering fruit and herbs from the garden before leaving to go somewhere. Where somewhere was, Horus had never bothered finding out, because he was quite content to watch his half-brother when he was dressed in nothing but a cloth for a few minutes, and he knew he would feel guilty if he spied on Anubis more than he already did.

He knew that he wasn't the only entity to spy on Anubis, because he could often hear giggling or whispers in the bushes near him, but he was fairly certain he was the only one who did it on a day-to-day basis. He also knew it was immoral to spy on someone that wasn't your enemy, but he really couldn't help it. While in the palace, no god had to look or act the part of what they ruled, and could assume any shape or form desired. Most chose simply to look human. Some looked hideous, others looked wonderful. Anubis was absolutely breathtaking. His body was made of lean muscle, his skin was tan and almost glowed, his hair was a beautiful shade of black that Horus had never seen anywhere else, and his eyes were pure gold, like the make-up he wore around them when his jackal head was showing.

Horus himself was nothing to shun either. His hair was the white of falcon feathers, and his skin was also tan, though not as much as Anubis. His muscles were also lean and a little more defined, coming from years of training and fighting so he could overthrow Set. His eyes were sharp, quick and deep black, like the bird that was his symbol.

Despite his obvious looks, Horus never thought himself to be anything special. He supposed that came from years of being with Isis (1), who had always taught him to be modest, and from years of looking and spying on Anubis, who always made him feel less handsome. Not in a bad way, of course, but to him Anubis was more beautiful than any other god, and certainly more beautiful than him.

Lately less and less people (all of them either minor gods or simple spirits, Horus was sure) had been in the bushes outside Anubis's room. According to Ra (2), anyone spying on another God was to be punished, because they had no reason to be doing it. Indeed, Horus had seen several grumbling spirits with marks of magic on them that prevented them from going anywhere near Anubis at all, and it made the whole thing even more fun for Horus, because he knew that he was untouchable by Ra. Ra favored him because Horus shared his animal symbol, and also because if he did hurt Horus, Isis would skin him alive. Horus found it very funny that Ra could get his ass kicked by the lesser god than him, but never said anything about it because Isis had gotten her advanced magic directly from Ra, and he felt it would be disrespectful to laugh at the Sun god.

So instead he opted for simply hiding in the bushes everyday and watching Anubis for those few precious minutes when his body was visible and just begging to be looked at. More than once, Horus had dreamed of that body, usually somewhere close to his own and completely nude. He never said anything, however. It wasn't the incest (his mother and father were brother and sister, for Ra's sake), but it was only because of Anubis's help that he even existed, and he gave his utmost respect to the jackal-headed god. He felt it would be disrespectful to admit that he had an infatuation with the other god, especially one that he owed his life to.

The first time Horus got an idea of where Anubis went everyday in the afternoon was when he was out in the gardens near the fig trees. He was resting in the upper braches of a particularly large tree, and the leaves hid his body well. Beneath him, two female spirits were talking and doing each other's hair. He gazed upon them from the branches, debating whether or not getting a lecture from Isis would be worth the reaction he would get from throwing figs at the spirits when they began talking about Anubis.

"Were you able to follow him yesterday?" one of the spirits asked. The other made a face.

"No. Didn't I tell you? Sekhmet (3) caught me spying on him," she said.

"I thought she didn't care if we did or not? All she cares about is war."

"Yes, well, she crouched down beside me and asked me why I liked spying on Anubis so much and of course I told her. Unfortunately, Osiris (4) was walking in the garden at the time," the second spirit said. Horus winced. He had a pretty good idea of where this was going.

"Really? What happened?"

The second spirit rolled her eyes. "What do you think? He was furious. He said that we were being disrespectful and indecent, and that Anubis and Ra should be told immediately so they could give us an adequate punishment. And of course Sekhmet opened her mouth and said the punishment was that anyone caught spying wasn't allowed to go near Anubis ever again. So Osiris took me to Ra and, of course, the spell was cast and now I can't look at him anymore!"

The first spirit laughed. "That's too bad. He's absolutely delicious when he's bathing."

Horus blinked, intrigued. Bathing?

"I'm sure he is," said the second spirit. "He has a wonderful body."

"All that muscle, yet so graceful," the first spirit sighed wistfully. "I'm glad I haven't been caught yet."

"How did you manage to follow him?"

Horus was really ensnared now. Quickly he changed into a falcon and flew down to one of the lower branches so he could hear their conversation better.

"It wasn't that hard, really. I don't think he even knew I was there. I just went where he went."

"And he didn't see you?"

"If he did he didn't say anything."

Horus flew back up to the upper branches. So, Anubis went bathing. That would explain why he was always so scantily clothed whenever he left, and also why he gathered the fruits; he used them for washing and scenting himself. And if the spirits could follow the jackal god and not be noticed, then there was no reason Horus couldn't. He smirked inwardly. It would be easy. But first, he had to get rid of his competition.

He stretched his wings and flew out of the tree, gliding over the inner courtyard and toward the throne room. Upon reaching the large double doors, he swiftly changed into his god form, when he had his falcon's head, and a decent set of robes. He wanted to look honest and presentable.

He knocked on the doors, and they were soon opened by a servant spirit. The spirit led him inside and Horus approached the throne, where Ra sat, lounging and playing a game with Ma'at (5). He smiled when he saw Horus.

"Horus! To what do I owe this great pleasure?" Ra asked.

Horus resisted the urge to smirk. "My Lord Ra, I have just heard some very disturbing news in the garden…"

It took all of five minutes for Ra to round up everyone who Horus had mentioned he had 'heard' was spying on Anubis.

"You're a disgrace to the Gods, every one of you!" Ra bellowed, and Ma'at stood beside him holding her scales. "I am going to weight each of you against Ma'at's feather to see if you really are worthy of being spirits!"

Horus smiled to himself and left the scene, knowing Ra would be occupied for awhile. Osiris would be busy in the Underworld, for an important noble had died recently. Isis was with Nephthys, helping her with her problems with Set, who was busy causing chaos near the Delta. Hathor (6) was at her temple, overseeing a ceremony in her honor.

The timing couldn't be better.

Horus quickly changed into a falcon and flew to the trees outside Anubis's room, waiting for him. A few minutes passed, and the god of the dead soon appeared, again clad in nothing more than a simple cloth around his waist. He went to another patch of trees and gathered his fruit, and then made for the south gate. Horus spread his wings and followed.

They went past a large fountain and to a side door, which Anubis quickly opened and passed through, barley allowing Horus time to follow through the gap. He cursed silently when the door closed on some of his tail feathers, but a quick observation told him Anubis hadn't noticed. He flew up so that he was high above the other god, and began to follow him. They were outside of Heaven now, and there was nothing but the vast desert before them. Below him, Anubis had transformed into a jackal and was now running across the sand, the basket of fruit in his mouth.

The journey took about ten minutes, even at the fast past Anubis was going. Their destination was an Oasis, but when he actually glided into the trees, still following the jackal, Horus realized that this was like no other natural Oasis he had seen before. The trees were even lusher than those in the palace gardens, and almost overflowing with fruit. The ground was nothing but rich, fertile soil, and he could distinctly hear running water further ahead. He realized that this Oasis must have been made by Anubis himself, or with the help of another god's magic.

He followed Anubis to a clearing, and there was a stream running through it, which led to a small pond that was round and (Horus realized ironically) perfect for bathing. The sides and bottom were covered in stone and there was a ledge under the water, probably used for sitting. Anubis approached the edge of the pond and reverted back to his human form. He slid the towel off and lowered himself into the water.

Horus quietly flew down into some bushes near the pond and changed back intro his own human form. He positioned himself so he could see at least Anubis's profile, because there was no available coverage facing his front. It was quiet for a few minutes, Horus just watching, enraptured as Anubis squeezed juices from the fruit and ran them through his silky, black hair with his fingers before washing it out in the water. His arms glinted and winked with the water droplets that clung to them, and Horus felt his face grow slightly warmer. He scooted a little closer, crouching on all fours, trying to get a better view.

"Horus, are you just going to sit there watching all day or are you going to come and join me?"

The falcon god let out a loud squawk and promptly fell to the ground in a rather painfully position. He yelped and shot back up, hitting his head on a branch. He swore loudly and rubbed his head before looking in the direction of the other god. Anubis had his head turned, watching him coolly with sultry gold eyes, a small smirk of amusement painting his lips.

"You… You knew?" Horus asked tentatively. Anubis laughed.

"Of course I knew, you moron. I'd have thought that at least you would've given me more credit than that, but I guess not. You're almost as bad as those damn spirits."

Horus flushed. "I am not," he protested weakly.

"When dealing with concealment, Horus, not concerning company. Actually, I've been wondering when you would finally have the guts to follow me. It gets rather boring with no one to talk to after awhile," Anubis said, and Horus stared.

"You knew I was watching you in the bushes?!"

"Well, yes."

"Why didn't you say anything?!"

Anubis cocked an eyebrow. "Can't you guess?" he asked. Horus shook his head. "Funny. Either it's not as obvious as I thought or you're just an idiot." He picked a fruit out of the basket and held it in the direction of the other god. "Come on, get in. The water's warm and there's plenty of room."

Horus obediently got up and walked toward the edge of the pool, quickly shedding his clothing and getting in. Normally nudity wasn't a problem for him, but in the presence of Anubis (whom he so often dreamed about at night), he felt a little more self-conscious.

"Come closer." Horus obeyed, and slid closer to his half-brother. "Closer, Horus; don't be shy." Anubis grinned. "I don't bite."

Horus flushed a bit and scooted until he and Anubis were almost touching. The jackal-headed god had his arms stretched out to the sides and one of his hands reached up and began to play with Horus's hair. "You have such an interesting hair color," he murmured, and Horus felt his cheeks beginning to heat even more. "I don't think I've ever seen a human or another god with white hair." He tugged gently on the locks, and Horus felt the warmth spread from his cheeks to his neck and downwards. "I like it. It's a nice change from the constant black that everyone has."

Somehow the falcon god managed to find his voice. "Black is an interesting color," he protested.

"Not when everyone's got it, it's not," Anubis countered, moving his hand so he could mold his fingers into the back of Horus's skull. The other god tilted his head back unconsciously and his lashes fluttered slightly. Anubis smirked. "Or did you have someone special in mind?"

The heat had moved from Horus's chest to his stomach (because Anubis had guessed it correctly), and was creating a feeling that Horus knew should not be there. "N-no," he said. "I just don't see what's wrong with black, is all."

Anubis's smirked grew wider. "Really, now? So tell me, what's so interesting about black hair." The tips of fingers began to lightly massage Horus's head, and the white haired man bit his lip to keep from making any noise. "Go on, tell me."

The heat of his body was now all pooling in his groin, and Horus could feel his cock swelling in arousal. "Well… Everyone has a different shade of black," he bit out. "Some have… light hair, and it looks almost dark brown. And some have really dark hair, like ebony or obsidian."

"Oh? You like obsidian?" Anubis asked, already knowing the answer. The volcanic glass was a wonderful gift of human trade from Greece and Italy. He felt Horus nod underneath his fingers and he smiled. "What about my hair, Horus? What's my hair like?"

Horus had to work hard to suppress the shudder that ran through his body at the seductive tone in the jackal god's words. "You hair…" he began, and then stopped, thinking. "Your hair is like the sky when there's no moon. It's black as the sky but the sun hits it and makes it dance with light, like the stars. It's beautiful," he finished. And froze.

Anubis smirked to himself. "What was that, Horus?"

Horus cursed and kicked himself for making such an obvious slip. "N-nothing. I said nothing."

"Oh? It didn't sound like nothing to me." Anubis's hand moved from Horus's hair down to his neck and began massaging the sensitive muscles there. "It sounded like a compliment."

"I-it wasn't," Horus gasped and he felt his whole body beginning to submit to Anubis's touch, particularly his nether regions.

"Oh? So you didn't say my hair was beautiful?"

"No…" A gasp as the fingers pushed on a sweet spot.

Anubis smirked. "And I suppose you don't find me attractive in the slightest?" he asked coolly, pressing back down on that particular nerve point.

"No… I mean, you're not ugly, I just don't like-"

"Men?" Anubis finished for him. "And so I suppose the fact that you've got rather large 'problem' in between your legs has nothing to do with my hand on your neck?"

Horus could've sworn his face had been set on fire. His cheeks burned as did his cock at the other god's words. "I don't know what you're talking about," he breathed and attempted to close his legs.

It didn't work. Before he knew what was happening Anubis had slipped from his spot next to Horus to the area in front of him, and very gracefully but very forcefully slid his thigh in between his half-brother's legs. Horus gasped. "What're you…"

A finger pressed against his mouth, effectively silencing him. "Don't think I don't know you lust after me, Horus," the black-haired god whispered, and Horus suddenly realized that Anubis's mouth was right next to his ear. "I know you spend everyday in the bushes watching me. I know that your cock aches for my touch. I know you dream of me and you, together. I know you pleasure yourself while thinking of me. I know that even when you have sex with your lovely wife, you are thinking of me," Anubis whispered, his voice low and husky. Horus tried to pull away, but found his head being held still by Anubis's hand. "I know, and I love it, Horus. My body aches to relieve itself buried deep inside you. It aches to hear you scream as I take you and make you feel better than you ever have before."

Horus didn't think he had ever been this aroused before in his life. He was panting and his erection was throbbing and his brain had ceased to work. "We… We can't," he managed to get out. "I mean… Hathor will…"

"Forget about Hathor," Anubis murmured and Horus gasped as hot breath danced over his ear. "Pretend that you have no wife – That she doesn't exist. It's just you and me, Horus. Wouldn't you like that?"

Horus couldn't help himself. He moaned. "Gods, yes…"

Anubis chuckled. "I thought you might," he said and in one quick movement sealed his lips over Horus's in a burning, soul-searing kiss.

Almost immediately Horus let out a loud moan and Anubis easily plunged his tongue into the other god's mouth. He pumped the slick length along Horus's own, the two men engaged in a fiery battle for dominance. Horus pushed back against Anubis with vigor, loving the way the other god tasted. Anubis groaned as he plundered Horus's mouth, leaving nothing untouched, no nook or cranny unexplored. He ran his tongue along the roof of Horus's mouth, and the white-haired god let out a moan, his tongue quickly receding from battle and allowing Anubis to invade the orifice with ease.

They broke off, panting and any part of Horus that had thought this to be a bad idea was now gone. In fact, most of his coherent mind had disappeared only to be replaced by a hazy fog of lust. He groaned when Anubis forced their lips together again, loving the feel of the strong wet muscle that pumped itself inside his mouth, stroking the fire in his groin until it raged like a forest blaze.

Anubis tore away from his mouth and ducked down to attack Horus's neck. Horus threw his head back in delight, allowing the other god even more access to the supple skin. He licked at it with long swipes of his tongue before latching onto the jugular vein with his teeth and sucking harshly. Horus moaned loudly and bucked his hips slightly. "Anubis…" he gasped.

The god of the dead broke off the skin and moved up to Horus's ear, running his tongue along the shell and nibbling on the lobe. "What, Horus? What do you want?" He pressed his thigh against Horus's erection, causing another moan to fall from his lips. "Tell me," Anubis growled. "I won't give it to you until I hear it from your lips."

Horus whimpered. As much as he wanted the other god, he wasn't going to beg for his touch. He still had his dignity and didn't plan on relinquishing it anytime soon. His loins burned when Anubis shifted and pressed his thigh harder against the swollen flesh. "Tell me," he demanded again.

Horus managed to shake his head. "N-no," he said shakily, gasping as Anubis bit the shell of his ear sharply. "I won't beg… Never…"

Anubis grinned, and it sent shivers of pleasure and unease up Horus's spine. "I was hoping you would say that," he chuckled.

"What?" was all Horus could get out before he was abruptly lifted from the water and pushed back until his back met with the ground. "What are you doing?" he asked, marveled by the predatory glint in Anubis's eyes.

The black-haired god leaned down and began to press soft, fleeting kisses on Horus's face. "I love a challenge, dear Horus," he murmured. "You've just presented me with an excellent one. I will make you beg for it, whether you want to right now or not."

"What do you mean, 'right now'?" Horus demanded, trying to sound angry. The effect was ruined as Anubis bit down at the junction between his neck and shoulder, causing him to moan.

"I mean that by the time I make you beg, you'll want everything I'm going to give you," Anubis explained and moved his mouth down. "Let's see how long you can hold onto your pride before you realize I'm not out to bruise it, hmm?"

Horus wasn't sure what Anubis meant by those words, and suddenly found that he didn't care as the other male caught one of his nipples between his teeth. He gasped and arched slightly, loving and hating the sparks that flew down his spine by that simple action. He could feel Anubis smirking but couldn't bring himself to care as he sucked on the bud, swirling his tongue and nibbling at it until it was bruised and aching.

"Oh gods…" Horus moaned as Anubis began the same treatment to the other nipple. "Where did you…"

"You'd be surprised at what you can learn from mortals," Anubis grinned as he brought his mouth up. He kissed Horus again. "They make fine teachers in the art of carnal pleasures," he whispered against the skin. His hands stroked their way up Horus's inner thighs, teasing the skin that sizzled beneath their touch. "Let me show you."

Horus let out a throaty groan at the promise threaded in those words. His resolve was crumbling fast, but he still refused to beg.

Suddenly his eyes widened and he let out a cry as his aching cock was engulfed by Anubis's hand. He threw his head back and panted harshly as Anubis moved up and down his shaft, pumping it with a steady rhythm. He stopped to rub his thumb against the head, and the action sent Horus reeling. He panted and thrashed desperately, wanting, needing to give in and let Anubis's passion consume him, but refusing to give up his pride.

He whimpered in pleasure as Anubis took an abused nipple back in his mouth and groaned as the hyper sensitive flesh made his cock grow even harder. Gasps and whimpers fell from his lips as Anubis moved down his body, mouthing and licking and kissing whatever skin was within his reach. He paused at the naval and swirled his tongue around it. "Oh fuck, Anubis…" Horus whimpered. The jackal god grinned and dipped his tongue. Horus hissed and bucked again, the talented hand not having left him. "Gods…"

Anubis chuckled. "You're enjoying this Horus. Are you sure you don't want to give in?" He moved his mouth from Horus's naval to just above the stiff rod he still held in his hand. "I can make it feel much better than this."

Horus shook his head. "I will not…" he panted. "I am almost at the brink. You can't make this any more torturous."

Anubis smirked and sat up until he was straddling Horus's hips. "Oh, but I can," he said. "Look at my own aching cock, Horus. When I am as aroused as I am now, nothing will satisfy me other than possessing another's body fully. And trust me when I say I can make you want me to do it."

Horus gulped with anticipation and nervousness. Anubis's cock looked much like he imagined it: hard, large and throbbing. But it was even larger than he had ever considered and it was leaking moisture onto his stomach. He moaned at the thought of being taken by the large piece of throbbing flesh. His resistance had crumbled away into almost nothing.

Anubis grinned. "You like that idea, don't you, Horus? You like the thought of being impaled on my cock as I fuck you long and hard." He leaned down and kissed the other god hard before suddenly jerking back. "That sounds good, doesn't it? Imagine my thick, hard cock buried deep inside you, Horus. Does that sound good?"

It did. Oh, gods, it did and Horus could only moan in helpless pleasure at the thought of being taken like that. He refused to give in, however, stubborn fool that he was.

Anubis smirked. "Still not giving in? Fine," he grinned. "I can change that."

It was the only warning Horus got before his entire length was engulfed by Anubis's hot mouth.

He screamed and bucked his hips wildly, seeking out that wonderful heat that surrounded him. His hands flew to Anubis's hair and tugged at it, trying to force more of himself into his mouth. Anubis was stronger than he, however, and held hips down before easily beginning to bob his head up and down, hollowing out his cheeks and sucking. He swirled his tongue around the head and delved into the slit. Horus was panting like an animal in heat and his eyes rolled back into his head as the pleasure mounted.

Then there were fingers at his mouth, pushing against his lips, demanding entrance. Obediently he parted them and they drove into his mouth mercilessly. It was all he could do not to gag. The head surrounding his cock left suddenly and he heard Anubis say in a low, forceful voice, "Suck. Now."

He moaned and drew the fingers deeper into his mouth, sucking and swirling his tongue around the digits. He felt Anubis shudder above him, and couldn't help but feel smug, knowing that he was drawing this reaction from the normally cool and level-headed god. Growing bolder, he drew the fingers even further into his mouth and used his hands to grab Anubis's ass and pull him closer to his own body. He smirked a little at the surprised look on the other god's face before reaching and curling his hand around Anubis's cock.

The black-haired god let out a loud groan and Horus grinned. He pumped the stiff flesh hard, using his forefinger to tease the head and smear the drops of moisture from the tip over the skin. Above him he could feel the tremors racking Anubis's body, and he couldn't help but feel in control. He continued to suck on the fingers in his mouth until they were abruptly pulled away. Anubis was panting and pulled from the grip on his hard cock. He slid his knees underneath Horus's thighs, lifting his rear off the ground. Horus barely noticed. He wrapped his legs around Anubis's waist and pulled them closer together, his hands coming up and resting on the strong shoulders of the male above him. He rolled his hips erotically, causing their duel erections to come into contact. He moaned in pleasure even as he heard Anubis hiss. He stared into the golden eyes and his smirk broadened. "Who's in control now, you little – OH FUCKING RA!!!" he screamed.

Anubis grinned and pushed his finger deeper into Horus's body. "What was that about control, darling?" he asked. Horus's pants had doubled and his back was arched beautifully as he moaned at the invasion. "I think it's pretty obvious I have you wrapped around my finger." He crooked his finger, and Horus screamed again as he hit that sweet dark spot. Anubis smiled. "You like that, don't you, Horus?"

Horus only whimpered and ground his hips down on the invading force. Anubis laughed and pulled out only to push back in with two fingers, steadily pumping them in and out of Horus's body. "This feels good, doesn't it darling? You love my fingers buried deep in your ass, causing all this wonderful pleasure." He pulled out again only to delve back in with three fingers.

Horus let out a chocked moan and continued to ride the offending digits. It felt so good he thought he would burst. It had never felt this way with Hathor, or any other person he had bedded. He could still feel Anubis's cock against his own, hard and throbbing and making him squirm in delight. He couldn't describe how much he ached to have the fingers replaced with that iron rod, but still his stubborn pride refused to let him beg for it. Besides he was close already. Just a few more minutes of those fingers inside him…

And suddenly they were pulled away, out of his body and Anubis slid away from him. He let out a chocked cry and thrashed. "You bastard!" he screamed. "You can't leave me like this!" He reached down to touch himself but Anubis deftly caught his hands and pinned them against his body. "Oh gods…"

Anubis smirked. "I told you Horus, I'm letting you finish yourself until you beg for me." He slid back closer to the other god and adjusted himself so Horus could feel the curve of his erection against the cleft of his ass. The white-haired god whimpered and tried desperately to create friction between them, but Anubis used his other arm to hold down his hips. He leaned over and breathed hotly in Horus's ear. "Come on, Horus. Let your pride go."

Horus shook his head, even though his body screamed at him to listen. "I can't…" he sobbed.

Anubis curved his tongue around the shell of Horus's ear again. "Come on, darling, don't be so scared. It won't be so bad – you've got to learn how someday. At least let it be pleasurable." Horus shook his head again and let out another chocked sound.

Anubis lifted his head so that he was looking straight into Horus's black eyes. "Come on, Horus," he coaxed and rolled his hips. "I'll make it worth your while, I promise."

The words broke him. Horus's last resolve crumbled into ash and he almost cried in relief. "Take me!" he screamed. "Fuck, Anubis, I need you to take me, please!"

Anubis groaned in relief. "Finally," he said and reached over to grab a fruit. He held it over his cock and squeezed it until it burst and the juices spurted all over him. "Relax, darling, this may hurt a bit." Horus nodded and forced his body to relax. Anubis positioned himself at the entrance to Horus's body and plunged all of his length in with one thrust.

Horus screamed and arched his back at the sudden invasion. It burned something terrible, but it felt incredible good as well, having something fill him so completly. He fell back to the ground, panting from both pain and pleasure, his eyes clenched shut as he tried to get used rod buried inside him.

Anubis held still as Horus adjusted, not wanting to hurt the other male. He leaned down and brought their lips together, kissing him softly and with a gentleness Horus had never expected from a man. He moaned softly and surrendered his mouth, and to his delight a tongue slipped in and stroked over his own slowly. It was an exotic sensation, and one that helped his body relax and more readily accept Anubis's cock. Soon the pain was gone and Horus rocked his hips, gasping out, "Move, Anubis… Please…"

Anubis groaned at the words and began to thrust in slowly, making sure not to hurt the other god. The pace was torturously slow, and Horus growled in frustration. "Harder damnit… Harder… You won't break me…" he bit out, gasping when Anubis latched onto his neck again. He could feel the grin against his skin when he spoke, and Anubis suddenly pulled out until only the head was left and then slammed back in.

Horus let out another scream as his prostate was hit head on and he bucked hips. "Ah! M-more, please!" he cried and Anubis began pumping in and out at a steady, hard pace, hitting that wonderful bundle of nerves every time. Horus moaned and writhed beneath him, completely incoherent as Anubis fucked his body with long, hard strokes.

He kept the pace for another minute or two, and then it became too slow. Growling, Anubis began thrusting in faster, creating a delicious friction that had Horus bucking his hips to receive more. Anubis groaned as he was met thrust for thrust by the eager male below him. Horus's passage was nothing but tight, silken heat around his full, throbbing member and he loved it.

"Oh god…" Horus breathed. It felt so good… And yet he needed more. How there could even be more he couldn't possibly fathom, but he just knew that this was no longer enough. "Anubis… More… Oh gods, more…" he begged.

Anubis chuckled and grinned. "You like this, don't you, darling?" he asked. Horus just moaned beneath him and gave a particularly hard roll of his hips. "You love having my big, hard cock buried deep inside you," he said, thrusting in even harder. "You want more, Horus?"

"Yes… Fuck yes, I want more!" Horus cried out. "Give me more Anubis, please!"

Anubis's grinned widened. "Whatever you want, darling," he said. He stopped for just a moment, changed his angle slightly and then thrust in as deep as he could. Horus let out a strangled moan and wrapped his legs around Anubis's waist, pushing him even deeper, making Anubis groan.

"Ah, Horus, if you could feel what you do to me…"

"I feel it," Horus moaned as Anubis fucked him deeper. "I feel it everywhere, Anubis, you're everywhere and fuck, it feels so good…"

Ever stroke was now rubbing fully along his prostate, causing even more of the mind-numbing pleasure to consume him. Horus was one long continuous moan and Anubis was voicing his pleasure easily as they neared their climax. Horus whimpered beneath him and Anubis saw on his face that the pleasure was so great now it was beginning to turn painful. He grabbed Horus's hair with one hand and forced their lips together in a hot, passionate kiss that made Horus's spine melt. He wantonly bucked against Anubis harder, and the other god reached down and grabbed his aching cock, pumping it in time with his thrusts.

Horus screamed as loudly as he possibly could, and something inside him exploded. He bucked and continued screaming as he spilt his seed, the hot liquid coming in thick spurts as he rode out the orgasm. Anubis yelled as he, too, found release, the tight heat of Horus's body milking him of his essence.

They both collapsed, breathing heavily against each other. The semen of both men dripped down their thighs and onto the ground, where it bloomed into tiny little flowers that tickled Horus's legs. He cupped his hands around Anubis's face and made the other god look at him. Anubis's eyes were shining like molten gold, and they burned into Horus's very being.

"That was… That was… I've never felt like that before," he said, still breathing heavily. "It was amazing."

Anubis smiled tiredly. "Glad you enjoyed it," he murmured, and with the last of his strength pulled them both back into the water of the pond. He shifted so that Horus was in his lap and kissed the other god tenderly. "Shall we stay here for awhile and rest?" he asked.

Horus nodded sleepily and snuggled into the warmth of the other god's chest. "Yes, that sounds good," he whispered. He wrapped his arms around Anubis's neck and they fell asleep in the warm water.

It was well past nightfall by the time the two gods woke up and got back to the palace. They bade each other a formal goodnight and Horus made his way to his room where he was sure Hathor was waiting.

"Where were you?" she cried as soon as he opened the door. "I've been trying to find you since sundown!"

"Why, what happened?" he asked, cautiously stepping into the room and closing the door.

"The Pharaoh was murdered!" Hathor cried. "Tutankhamen was murdered! And the poor boy was only 17!" She began to cry and Horus immediately rushed over to comfort her.

"I'm so sorry," he said, though he surprisingly couldn't make himself feel even slightly remorseful. The lasting effects of the wonderful experience with Anubis were still fresh in his mind. "I was with Anubis discussing the problem he's been having with people spying on him."

Hathor sniffed. "Oh, yes, Ma'at told me about that. He must be really upset, with all those people watching him. Is he alright?"

Horus nodded and flushed a bit. "He's… more than alright, I think. I think he was rather flattered by all the attention." Ra knows I was…"Come on, Hathor, cheer up. Death happens; he'll be better off in the Afterlife anyway."

Hathor smiled weakly. "Yes, I suppose you're right. You'll ask Anubis and your father to take special care of Tutankhamen when he reaches the Underworld, won't you?" she asked.

"Of course I will. Now come on, let's try to get some sleep." He sat her down on the bed and then crawled over to his side, striping off his clothes and settling atop the sheets. The night was too hot to be bothered with either. "Good night, Hathor," he said.

She stripped off her own garments and lay beside him. Then she frowned. "Horus…"


"Where did you get that red mark on your neck?"

(1) Queen of the Goddesses, is a powerful healer and magician, and got her magic by tricking Ra into giving his secrets to her. Mother of Horus and wife/sister of Osiris

(2) God of the Sun and the most important God to the Egyptians, though not the most powerful

(3) Goddess of War, very blood thirsty

(4) A God of the dead and ruler of the Underworld. Father to Horus and husband/brother to Isis

(5) Goddess of justice, truth and harmony. Is the daughter of Ra and works along side Anubis in judging who is worthy of entering the Afterlife

(6) Goddess of love and joy. Wife of Horus; sometimes thought of as mother to the Pharaoh

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