I'm afraid for it all.
A death dream looming over my head.
It's just a fragment of a fear,
But I've felt this way before.

My mind becomes anxious.
My mood gets gloomy.
I know time flows backwards,
How else would I get this fear of impending doom?

Our time on this earth has already been set.
Some alterations here and here, maybe.
We're just telling the story,
Through our own eyes.

Because time flows backwards,
I always seem to know.
Something horrible is about to happen.
Where it'll effect me the most.

A certain day of pain is coming.
Pain, sorrow, and loss.
I wish I knew from where.
And how long I've got.

A woman's instinct is never wrong.
But right now I wish it was.
A sorrow looms over my head.
And I know it to be true somehow.

I pray to God I'm wrong...