My North

Hey, could you send some of your cold weather down south

Or up north, for you two are the poles?

I am at the equator right now

It's rather warm

Blistering hot to be exact

I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience

Do forgive my rudeness

But one of you must cool me down soon

Or I may just melt away under the pressure


You two have me tangled in my wildest dreams

Never did I imagine that I would be here

Smack dab in the middle of this planet

Enduring these vicious tropical systems

You try and send my way

With your conflicting wind patterns

In your designated hemispheres

Why don't you two just cool it?

Stop hogging all the coldness this world has to offer!

I'm being deprived of a reprieve from this senselessness

By my very own heart

Such treachery!

I need to travel

Get away from this dangerous place

Where waves viciously charge at the shore

And then casually ebb away with the cycle of the tides

Where the merciless sun pounds down on the spirit

And evaporates every milliliter of fuel my mind has left

Where the hurricane-force winds steal from my feeble grasp

The very map of which I planned to use as a guide

So I would have some way of telling where indeed I was going

I guess I'm just lost now

The only device that remains in my greedy possession

This compass I hold onto so dearly at this very moment

Helps me not

For it only points north

And I know not which one you two are

This leaves me to ponder upon one consuming thought

As if caught in a series of waves I can't pull myself out of

Which one of you is my north?