Midnight Re-runs

By Dr. P


Summary: Robbie and Clay are too cool for school. Love them. Because they love you. And each other.

READ THIS PLEASE: This, my friends, is a companion to my other story 'Saturday Morning Cartoons'. These little mini ficlets do not affect that story in any way, shape, form, or anything else that could be affected as such. I'm so fucking hyper right now (twitch), it's not even funny (twitch). This is just my way of getting out my weirdness (twitch) and little kissy scenes (not to mention smut)! Read if you dare, you daring little courageous things you!
Hear Me Roar


I crawl into the room on all fours, wearing the kitty cat ears from Clay's little sister's Halloween costume on my head.

"I'm a tiger! Grr…" I scratch my nails down Clay's arm.

"Cut it out," he brushes me off.

"Why should I?" I ask, growling and scratching a hand down his back, making him to shiver, "Fucking make me."

"Stop that. You're turning me on."

"What? You don't want to have tiger sex with me?" I straddle his lap on the computer chair, blocking his view of the screen, "Rawr!"

"Not right now," he says, pushing me off his lap so I land on the cold hard ground, "This report is due tomorrow."

I prop a hand on my hip, "You'd rather do a report than have sex with me?" I make tears spring up tragically, "Do you not want me anymore?" I bawl my cute little eyes out.

"Shut up you fucking drama queen," he chides, wiping my fake tears with a thumb, "I still have the indents of your nails on my back from last time. Which, might I add, was only like an hour ago."


"So yeah."

"I have a high endurance level! And I'm hungry for some lovin' from my hunka hunka burnin' love!" I straddle him again and trail my tongue down his neck, licking him like a cat, "Besides, that wasn't tiger sex. That was little kitty mew mew sex."

He scoffs, "Excuse me? You sure were screaming like it was more than little kitty… err, what did you say again?"

"Little kitty mew mew sex."

"Yes. Well, your growling sure sounded tiger-like to me," he grins impishly like an imp with a lopsided grin would grin, "I bet the neighbors called the cops on us again."

"You're fault. Not mine," I cross my arms over my chest.

He glares at me, but the anger is missing from the gaze, "How is it my fault?-"

I barge in before he can finish, "You know I can't keep quiet when you do that thing with your tongue-"

"You deserved it!" he exclaims, "You bit me!" he shows me the bite-mark my teeth left on his thigh.

"I told you. I'm a tiger."

I smile at him like a cute little kitty cat. Meow. I bare my teeth like a tiger. Growl.

And I nuzzle his neck with my nose, purring and rubbing my whole body against him.

Clay takes one last look at the computer screen and gives it the finger, "Fuck you homework," he shuts it off.

He picks me up and carries me all the way upstairs to his room, occasionally distracted by my mouth sucking on the lobe of his ear, biting gently. We do make it though, and before I know it, my shirt disappears. Oh wait, there it is! It's in Clay's hands of all places!

"This tiger sex better be worth getting an F on my report."