And I stepped out into the cold air,
biting at my skin, cutting everything off
as the church doors close behind me
but those memories remain
of the five of us, passing through,
passing by all the others.

The memories moved to a classroom,
fifth grade, sitting in the back,
just three out of five
(it was me, you, and him)
as the outsides,
but rumors didn't matter back then.
We laughed and we lived,
(if only I could say that now)
the monkey bars were home
and bus rides will not be forgotten,
lighting matches, tempting
as we walked on that line.

The screen changed to middle school,
two years that changed us
(yes, it was the five of us then)
and childhood crushes, lost
as lessons were learned
but teacher, teacher,
rules are meant to be broken
just like promises.
But this story, this tale
would not be complete without you
loved her and the other
until you fell for me (and vice versa)
but to keep the five together,
we tried to forget
and this was when life,
that horrid, jealous creature,
forced us to realize everything.

Months went by, high school begins,
rain ruined summer days,
we continued with these feelings
but love is locked away
and life threatens us all,
scars, bleeding, leaving us behind,
spending days in the park,
days never missed,
hey, teacher, teacher,
why don't you see me?
Summer arrives with moving trucks,
separating us all,
and words are no longer here,
life passes all of us by.

And I stepped out into the cold air,
pass your face, pass my tears,
it was only August, another summer lost
and the four of us (not five anymore),
almost eighteen, don't even glance
at the life we used to have
as the church doors close behind me.