It's a cold winter day,

snow 2 feet high

My legs brittle from the cold wind

As I left the door open for you

My body shivers from the frostbite

My soul dampened and darkened from the

suicidal attempts at prayer that you'd return

I sat

I prayed for your return

and I nearly froze to death

so It's time to close the door.

I waited so long,

for you to come in

but the pain in my bones

and the damage done to my body

knowing that I can no longer hold a grip

on the societal reality of life

knowing that Our love is as dead

as I almost have become

I can see now,

that you aren't coming

and its time to close the door.

I waited so long for you to say those words

"Honey, I'm Home, I love you, how was your day?"

but they never came.

I put some hot water on the stove

as I watched you walk away that morning,

sitting down at the table

leaving the door open for your return

but my bones are brittle

my heart is frozen

I cannot live with you

You've seen to that

and I cannot live without you

My hearts seen to that

but, I will try my best.

If I have any hope of survival,

It's time to close the door to my heart before I lose all feeling.