Mary-Jo Sue is a good little Catholic school girl. She always goes to church, never broke any Commandments, and believes in all of the Catholic Church's teachings. She still had her innocence and naivety and morals in tact. She shelters herself from dirty or impure thoughts and actions.

…Or at least she had. Until one day.

The brunette was walking down the hall of her school and messing with her pigtails after school. Her mother was not supposed to drive up with her pure white minivan until 4 o'clock the afternoon, and it was only 3 at that time. She figured she could walk around for awhile before she would sit and wait quietly on the school's steps.

She turned a corner in the hall and walked on for a bit. A noise came from one of the classrooms and the girl slowly began to slow down. 'What ever could it be?' she thought to herself, getting closer to the door the sound had come from.

"So, how is it?"

Mary-Jo Sue stopped short before she realized the male voice wasn't talking to her.

"Pretty good," another guy remarked. "A bit harder though."

The young lady outside the door blushed and shrugged. While she did try to block out such things such as that, it was difficult to do in a world like that of today's. She was aware of some things, and that did sound awfully suggestive…

"Really? That sounds tasty."

"You have no idea…Mmmm…"

The brunette closed her eyes and wanted to pull away. She really did! Her curiosity though…

"Oh…Look at me. I'm drooling now. I want one."

"Well, I suppose you could taste mine and see if you like it…"

"Really? Thanks, man!"

"Be warned though: I like to keep mine…meaty."

Mary-Jo Sue whimpered and inched closer to the door.

"That's fine. I can take it. Just get rid of the white stuff first, okay? I think it's too salty."


"Fine, keep it on…"

"….So? Go on! Try it."

"…Are you sure you want me to?"

"C'mon, dude. It's a foot long. I don't mind."

The Catholic girl outside swooned a bit as the room in front of her was suddenly filled with moans and a "See? I told you!". The door in front of her began to open and she fell to the ground in a faint. Two young men walked out of the room; each holding one half to a foot-long, toasted subway sandwich dripping with mayonnaise.

"What's with her?" one asked.

The other looked down at the prone girl and poked her with the tip of his tennis shoe. "I dunno…Weird though."

"Yeah…" With that both boys walked off, leaving poor Mary-Jo Sue on the ground.

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