Make Love to the Rhythm

There is something wilde and complete

ever-changing, untamed

Where does it reside?

It rumbles deep inside

This passion in my soul confides!

Am I dancing?

Or is this body I borrow

Trying to make love to the rhythm?

Letting my limbs go wherever it sends them?

It sets me free from the physical prison!

It is not always found in the movement.

But what is this?

So intimate, marries itself to my pulsing blood flow

Coming inside me, falling fresh; it's perfect snow

Stirring what is real inside me, it sets my mind aglow!

My thirst tells me

to drink these swimming notes,

thirsty, I always long

to splash into a dense timbre, the intensity of song

A beauty my whole self can know, is where I find I belong!

So, booming towards me

I am running no longer

Can I allow the storm to overtake me? Waking,

In the eye of this, I am Breaking

Letting go of myself, contentment is in the making!

Music is infused in me

Coming out through my fingertips

And following my days

It is my intimate soundtrack always

I am here, where all boundaries fray