Thanks for sending me a smile

Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: I was feeling so down and sad today, and I was just going through the motions of living. To make a long story short I was feeling depressed, when I ran into an old co-woker and friend. We chatted for a bit, he gave me a hug, and he left. He didn't know it, but he made me feel better and made my day a lil brighter. Enjoy the poem. Laters.

Today my heart felt heavy

But I couldn't give in to the tears

I wanted to cry so very bad

Releasing my heartache and fears

But I held all the pain within me

Letting it all fester inside

But as much as I wanted to let it all out

I stubbornly held on to my pride

Just when I was about to let it all go

And go that extra mile

Just when I was about to cry outloud

You sent an angel to make me smile

He gave me just a simple hug

But it really brightened my day

Thank you Lord for sending me a smile

Right along my way