On Normal Days

Dogs are barking,

I am going insane,

Brain is not sparking,

My head is in pain,

Muscles are throbbing,

Too much stuff,

I'll soon be sobbing,

Gone in one puff,

But not I,

I am not a subject,

To that kind of lie-

Staring at all,

Angry as hell,

This is no ball,

Then there's a bell-

Was it a dream-

Collecting my books,

I'm building up steam,

Getting those looks,

Surely will scream-

Homework was late,

Teachers are mad,

Detention date,

I am not glad,

Punch in a wall-

Or somebody's face-

Get a bad call,

Escape from this place,

Run out quick,

Away from that boy,

He is a prick-

I'm not a toy-

Must lay down,

Process the day,

Or I might drown-

wish it were just a play-

Then it would all go away,

Into thin air,

What they have to say,

I really don't care-

Wish one day could be different-

From the way it is always like-

I could be significant,

Tell them to take a hike!