Whatever he does is automatically cool;

He's one of the popular Guys.

In popular things, he gets to make up the rule-

But sometimes, it's he I despise.

His status I envy, though I know I should not,

For it seems like he's got all the friends.

And while, at my school, many friends have I got,

At church, it seems his reign never ends.

Then one time, together, while in a church group,

This person I thought was so "cool",

Humbly admittant, is willing to stoop,

And say he's got no friends at school.

A sadness now wells up inside me

As I realize how wrong I had been.

What right had I to be angry?

Why have I committed this sin?

We both use silly humor to win people's care;

We both enjoy the same books.

We both are brothers in the faith that we share;

We're more alike than it looks.

At times I have felt I was better than him,

Or that I wasn't as good as he.

But those are times when my eyesight was dim,

For in the end, he's just like me.