I try not to judge, but they are rather goth;

Black-clad, and pierced all around.

Approaching; hand me a paper she doth:

"I wrote this, here, see how it sounds."

Alas, sad and heartless is the stuff filling these-

Descriptions of death and despair!

What is the cause of this darkness she sees?

What horrors go on in there?

The sad thing, though, is they're being deceived-

Their eyes being blinded from sight.

I saw through deception when I first beleived-

Now, I know the true light.

But sadly, they don't--Do I just keep it in?

No way--I've got to reach out.

To keep such a secret is a very bad sin-

This is such that they must know about!

For if I don't tell, then on that coming day,

Their entrance he will forbid.

And eternally they will be cast away--

Now that's what I call morbid.