I have no idea what to say about this, except... well, enjoy!

Partly inspired by an old friends story, and if any of the characters resemble real people in life, it's completely coincidental!

So... don't sue me or anything please!

Aaaaaaannnywaaaaay... enjoy!!!


I tapped my foot to the music, playing in sync with my fellow band members, just enjoying being here. I heard Zac keeping pace with me with his own guitar, and Nick giving it his all on the drums.

And up front, as always, was Lucy. Our lead singer.

Sadly, the music had to end.

Because the song had to end.

Cheers rung out through the crowd just after we ended, making me smile. I looked back at Nick, who at that moment, was just looking over at me. We smiled at each other and I turned back, feeling a blush rise to my cheeks as I brushed a free strand of hair back behind my ear.

One of our fellow students came out on stage handing something to Lucy then bolting off again. Lucy looked at it, and I saw her waver.

Uh-oh. What the heck was it?

"Um... I'd just like to say a hefty thankyou to everyone who attended this concert. Because of your generosity, we have raised almost two thousand dollars for-"

I blinked.


Had we really raised that much?

Sure, it was going to a charity foundation, but... still...

A cheer rang out, interrupting my thoughts, and I looked out at the crowd, which was slowly beginning to file out of the hall.

Lucy turned to me, smiling.

"See Jessie? I told you that was a good song to end with"

"Yeah, I know" I rolled my eyes "But I still think-"

I never got to finish. Because at that moment Zac took the chance to run and tackle Lucy, making her scream. They both hit the floor with a loud thunk.

"Luc you genius!"


"Oh, that rhymes! Oh my love you are amazing!"

I sighed, rolling my eyes. Zac and Lucy are... well... the best I can describe it... a couple. And Zac always gets a little... let's just say, over-exited, after a performance.

"All the time" Nick chuckled, and I saw him get up out of the corner of my eye and move around to the two still on the floor.

"Zac, I will get you back for this!"

"You rhymed again! What a cute little munchkin!"

"Zac, buddy, do I need to get involved?" Nick asked, standing over them and grinning.

I felt a pang in my heart, but shook it off. Nothing I could do about it... Lucy was just one of those girls all the guys fell in love with. And, sadly, I knew all about Nick's little crush on her.

I turned around, starting to pack up my guitar, hearing shrieks and squeals from the three behind me.

I guess I should give you a bit of a run-down on all of us before I continue.

Lucy Charmer is our lead singer, which is also where we get our band name; 'The Singing Charmers'. Lame, I know, but until we find something better I guess it's better than nothing.

Lucy is tall and leggy, with just the right shade of sun-tanned skin. She has silky dark brown hair, and baby blue eyes that all the boys just seem to love. In short; she's beautiful.

Zac Burton used to be called Zac Walker. The reason for this is because his mum got involved with, and soon married, my dad. So, Zac is actually my step-brother. Used to be one of my best friends when we were growing up too, so its not too bad.

He has amazing blondish-brown hair, with midnight blue eyes that always seem to be laughing at someone or something.

He doesn't usually play guitar, but on rare occasions he does. Usually though, he sticks to piano and is one of Lucy's backup singers.

Nick Capraa is our drummer, and is also the guy I've had a crush on for... well, quite a while now. He doesn't sing, but that doesn't mean he's not still an important part of the band.

He's full Spanish, with gorgeous black hair and chocolate brown eyes. He's naturally tanned, and is only like... a foot taller than I am, which is great in some ways.

And, finally, there's lil ole me. Jessie Burton. Lead guitarist and Lucy's second, and final, backup singer. I have strawberry blond hair and green eyes that are always changing, so you never know what they're gonna be each day.

I'm what you'd call a... short... girl, with pale skin that burns real easily. I can't even get a single shade of skin darker without a lot of pain.

"Nick no!" Lucy shrieked, then started to cack herself laughing.

"Aw man, didn't know you swung that way" Zac moaned, and I heard Nick yelp. I spun back around just in time to see him crash back into his drums, going head over heels. He fell out of sight, and I rolled my eyes.

"Still alive there Nick?" I asked.

"I'll be back" Came his croaked reply. Lucy snorted, and Zac laughed.

"I think he'll be juuust fine"


Well, hope ya liked! More soon! Hopefully!