I hope this chapter is good enough. Inspired/written to 'Stop this Song' and 'Misery business' by Paramore.


I layed there, staring up at the cieling.




"Nuh uh"

"Oh come on-"

"Dont want to you cant make me"

Suddenly there was a weight on me, and I looked up to find Zac's blue eyes staring down at me. He sighed.

"You have to eat sometime you know"

"Maybe later on but right now no"

"Its been two days!! Youve barely eaten anything!"

"But I've kept my fluids up"



He pouted. I couldnt help but snort. He always could make me laugh in the weirdest of times.

"I'll eat in my own time okay?"

"Well just take a bite of this... you might like it. Dad made it for you"

I raised an eyebrow.

"Which is?"

He grinned, jumping off me then appearing seconds later with a plate hovering over my head. The smell gave it away immediately and I almost laughed.

"Scrambled eggs?"

"Not just any scrambled eggs, daddys home made scrambled eggs made only- and I mean only he wouldnt even let me touch it- for you" He handed it to me when I'd sat up, grinning at me as I looked at him skeptically.

"Go on...please? I don't want to have to go downstairs to dad and tell him you didnt touch something he worked so hard at for you"

I sighed, knowing he had me there. I loved my dad. And I loved his cooking more, so if I didnt at least eat a bite, he- well, everyone- would probably take me to a shrink.

"Okay...one bite"

Zac made a slam dunk gesture, and I just rolled my eyes at him. I picked up a piece, putting it in my mouth.

And after that the plate just seemed to clean itself.

Zac was practically bouncing around the room happily.

"Wow, I never realised-"

"Youre done? Good! I'll go tell dad!" He grabbed the now empty plate from my hands and bolted out of the room. I almost saw a dust trail.

"Boys..." I couldnt help but smile, looking around my room.

Ever since that day things had been awkward at school. We carefully avoided them and they carefully avoided us. When science came we all sat on opposite ends of the room. Me and Zac on one side, Lucy on another, and Nick away from both sides. I think he had been treated the worst of all through this. By Lucy... by Zac...and especially... by me.

In a way, I guess I was the most to blame for all of this. And my guilt was starting to get the better of me.

Just had to keep pushing... just had to-

My mind drew a complete blank as they landed on the guitar perched in the corner of my room. I smiled at it, thinking back a week ago, just after the final explosion happened. It, of course, had gone around the whole school that our band had split up for good this time, and alot of people were upset, but some...

Some didn't mind at all. In fact... I was offered to join an all girl band. I knew the girls, they were awesome, and actually one of my favorite rival bands. They were into the hardcore stuff. No soft, sappy songs we sometimes played, but full on girl rock.

Still in shock from the fight, I told them I'd think about it and let them know. So far it was only a three girl band. One drummer, two guitarists and all awesome singers. I didnt know why they wanted me to join, but thinking back on it, it gave me a smile. Maybe I could still play...

I managed to move my legs, crawling off the bed and snagging the neck of the guitar. Placing the strap over my shoulder, I let it rest there for a moment before sitting down, one knee drawn up under me, my fingers gently touching over the strings. I pricked one gently, hearing the sound drift up to my ears, smiling a little.

"I say go for it"

I jumped, my head snapping around to see Zac on the other side of my bed, smiling down at me.


"You dont have to worry about me. I know you want to, it's what you love the most. I've known that ever since before we made the band"

I just stared at him. His smile grew wider and he plopped down beside me on the bed.

I knew then what was coming.

"Do you remember when we were five-"

"Oh god-"

"And I caught you dancing-"


"-with the broom-"

"ZACHARY!!" I lifted the guitar off me, resting it on the side of the bed and pounced him before he could finish the sentence. We rumbled... trumbled to the floor off the edge of the bed... rumbled some more...

"Aha!" He pinned my arms over my head, grinning down at me. I tried to kick him but his weight held my legs down.


He just grinned.

Then someone cleared their throat and our heads turned to see my dad in the doorway.

"Glad to see you two are back to normal" He snorted, dissapearing down the hallway, probably to go find Maria.

We both looked at one another.

"So... "He pressed his forehead against mine, grinning cheekily "How about that date?"

It was like someone hit me with a brick. He was...

"Zac-" He cut me off by letting me go and getting up, then offering to pull me up. I let him, standing and looking up at him.

"You... still want to date?"

He nodded, taking my face in his hands gently. I felt my heart start to pound, realising how close his face suddenly was from mine...

Damn, how could he do this to me?

Every time!

"Um..." I couldnt even form words!

He rubbed my cheek, pulling my face just that little bit closer, giving me a peck on the lips.

"Jerk" I muttered, pressing my forehead against his, my arms finding their way around his neck. I heard him snort.

"But you love it"

"No, I don't" His arms went around my waist, pulling me close. I felt my heart...and my hormones... kick into overdrive.

He moved his forehead from mine, smiling down at me.

"So is that a yes"

I bit my lip, looking up at him.

"Zac... are you-I mean, isnt it-"

He kissed the top of my head, pulling me in for a hug.

"You dont have to decide now or anything, I'm just being my silly old self. And if you say no I'm not going to be crushed or anything, I'll still just be me you know-"

"And what if I said yes? What would you do then?"

He fell silent, and I could feel him freeze up a little.

Finally he relaxed, letting out a deep breath and laughing a little.

"I'd say either I'm dreaming or youre fuckin crazy"

"A bit of both" I pulled away from him, looking up at him cheekily.

Why not? I thought It's not like theres not much else left to loose anymore...


"Whoa it was never my intention to break!"

Les hammered the drums with all she had, and Renee's voice matched mine to back up Tash, the lead singer.

"Well I refuse, I refuse... I REFUSE!"

My fingers flew over the strings effortlessly, loving the atmosphere and the moment, singing with all my heart along with the three other girls. I missed this...I missed the energy in this...

I sang with all my heart, letting all my emotions out through the music.

"Not one of them involving-!" We played with all we had.

"It just feels so good" We finished the song brilliantly, and not even a second later the crowd exploded into cheers.

"Thankyou!" Tash yelled into the mike over the crowd, then played a few more notes, and the crowd suddenly got louder.

I laughed, unable to hold it in as Renee came over, slapping my shoulder.

"Great job Jess! We totally rocked with you girl!"

I nudged her shoulder playfully, laughing happily. This was the highest I'd been in a long time.

I felt great!

My smile got bigger as I noticed Zac in the crowd, realising he'd been here the whole time. I thought we had planned to meet up afterwards...

"Thankyou for coming! We hope to see you another night! GOODNIGHT ALL!!" Tash yelled, and all of us made a final exited dash across the stage jumping around like idiots before the curtains finally closed for the night.

"That was awesome!" Les laughed. Her full name was Lesley but, like me, she liked people call her by her nickname.

"I know, damn its been so long since I've felt that kind of energy" I said, shaking my head and letting a breath out slowly.

Renee hummed thoughtfully "I thought that with the last concert you had with your old band"

I looked over at her "Really?"

She nodded "Well, normal people wouldnt notice, but I could tell all of you werent really giving it your all. More like... you were distant. Like each of you were inyour own little world. If that makes sense"

I just sighed, nodding "You'd be right"

"So what happened to you guys anyway" Tash asked as we started to pack up.

I snorted, looking over at her "Thats a long story. Lets just say there was a lot of... creative differences between the four of us"

"Sounds like it"


We all went on to talk about school and other things, since Tash and Les both went to a different school.

When we were done I remembered Zac was still waiting for me, hurriedly saying goodbye and going to find him.

I found him in the parking lot, leaning against his car. I went up to him, wrapping my arms around him and kissing him a littly roughly. When I pulled back he was grinning.

"You did great. Especially for your first night in a new band"

"I wish you could have joined. I mean... I feel bad... and awkward... not playing beside you" I pouted, and he just patted my sides, then took my guitar case from me and put it in his car.

"Dont worry. If all else fails you and I can create another...and less ridiculous sounding...band" He grinned, then winked at me "Plus I already have an offer to join Screaming Head"

I snorted "That band has a weird as name"

He just stuck his tongue out at me as he opened the driver door"Its better than the Singing Charmers"

I laughed, finally getting into his car and he started the car.

"True that"

I felt him pat my knee, then moving it to the gearshift.

"So... where would you like to go on our first date?"

I thought about it "Somewhere quiet and away from other people?"

"I know the place" He grinned again, speeding up a little and throwing it into third gear.

We ended up at one of our old haunts when we were little, a small place just on the outskirts of our little town, then decided to see a late night movie, an old creepy one that had us laughing our heads off, occasionally giving in to little touches and kisses.

It was one in the morning when we finally headed home, happy and feeling good about our first 'date'. Which seemed awkward to think of at first, but we both seemed so suited to one another. Plus, we'd known each other since we were little...so our bond was a strong one. Almost unbreakable.

"Oh my god that song was terrible!" I cacked myself laughing, slapping the dash lightly on the passengers side.

"I mean what was she thinking?! That was a hard core song and she turned it into a pretty girly girl melody"

"That was sooo wrong! Damn I should have been our lead singer"

"Get in line sister!" He snorted as he pulled into the driveway, cutting the lights as he did.

"Wanna fight for it?" I asked getting out and grabbing my guitar case.

"Put em up then" He stuck his tongue out again, locking his car then following me up the drive and to the house. I punched him in the arm "Jerk"

"Oooooh its on now is it?" He poked my side as we went in and quietly as we could headed upstairs. I poked him out.

"Oh you bet it is"

"Bring it on guuurl!"

"I'll bring it, but I aint a girl!" He followed me into my room and shut the door behind us as I set my guitar case down, turning to poke him again. He poked my ribs and I grabbed his hand, soon finding we were in another rumble again.

I landed on top of him, finally having the luck of pinning his arms this time. He grinned up at me.

"You think youre going to stop me?" He panted out.

"I dont think, I know" I replied, grinning down at him. Before he could say another word my mouth was over his, and soon our tongues were playing a much more... experienced... version of tonsil hockey.

Slowly my hands slid down to dip under his shirt, and his hands slowly found their way to my pants.

He broke the kiss, both of us panting heavily.

"This.. is a very... interesting...first date, dont you think?" He managed to crack, smling up at me.

"Shut up" I replied, grabbing his face in my hands and smothering his mouth with mine again, both of us getting lost in each others touch once more.

I wouldnt have had it any other way.


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