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Ghostly Affection Chpt. 1
The First Day

I sighed as I packed the last things into my suitcase. We were moving and I didn't like it. We, my family, had lived here for most of my life and so I had a ton of friends and even enemies. But we had to move for my dad's new job so I had no choice in the matter.

My family, the Ashtons, was made up of my dad, mom, older brother, me, and my younger brother and sister. We had a pretty big family but I liked the house here. We each had our own rooms except for Cody and Allison, the younger two.

I zipped up the zipper of my suitcase and looked at my empty room. I was going to miss it but I had taken enough pictures of it when I lived here so I wouldn't forget what it looked like.

I dragged the suitcase out of my old room and shut the door, knowing that I would never open it again. I went through the hallway and outside to where everyone was waiting.

"Could you be any slower?" My older brother, Danny, asked and I rolled my eyes.

"Yes I could be as slow as you. The only reason you were out here before me is because you started a good hour earlier than the rest of us." I replied, putting my suitcase in the back of the U-Haul.

"Tara, Danny! Stop it both of you and get in the car!" Mom yelled and Danny moaned. He was seventeen so he had his own car. I got to ride with him as Allison rode with our mom. Dad drove the U-Haul with Cody.

Danny and I trudged over to the car and got in. I was so close to getting my license because I was fifteen but I still had to ride with Danny. Everyone started their cars, or U-Haul, and we started the long trip ahead of us.

Finally, after seven hours of being stuck with Danny, we made it to our new house. I looked outside of my window, shocked. The place was so huge! It looked like half a mansion!

But I let that pass when I opened the door and fell to the ground. "Freedom!" I yelled and Danny rolled his eyes at me.

I got up off the ground and looked at the house again. It was painted mostly black but was peeling off at places. It had two stories and, I think, a basement and attic.

I looked back and saw everyone waiting for Dad to open the back of the U-Haul. They wouldn't miss me for too long. I headed for the house, wanting to see what it looked like inside.

I got to the door and opened it, wondering why it wasn't locked but then thinking, that the owner probably opened it for us. The door creaked as I opened it and I peered inside.

Almost everything was covered in dust. I coughed as I breathed some of the dust in. I pulled my shirt up to my mouth to filter out the dust to some extent. I could see a little of the kitchen in the back and the staircase north-west of me.

The staircase looked alright but worn. A lot of people used this staircase almost all the time. I went over and put one foot on a step. I put both feet and heard a loud groan from the stairs. I went up and up, hearing the creaking of the stairs for each step before I made it to the top.

On the top, there was a railing to the side so you could see the lower floor. I wanted to see the bedrooms so I could choose the second largest one and claim it for myself because my parents always got the largest one.

I walked down the hallway slowly, looking at my surroundings but there wasn't much to see. I opened a door to a room and saw that it was pretty big. If there was a room larger than this one, I would claim this first room.

I kept the door opened as I looked at the other rooms. Once I was done, I saw that the first room I saw would be mine. I made my way back to the first room.

But when I was only a yard away, the door slammed shut by an invisible force. I was scared so badly that I rushed back downstairs and outside, gasping for air and shaking. My family looked at me strangely because of my dramatic exit.

"What happened to you? Looked like you saw a ghost." Danny said and I just may have just experienced something like that…

Now I did not want that room at all but I knew I was going to get it. It was tradition in our family to base where we get our rooms from our large they were. I always got the second largest even if I was second oldest and it should be Danny' room.

We got all our stuff out and all of us came through the door. My mom looked like she was going to have a party. It was probably because she loved to clean and, boy did this house need cleaning.

"Let's all go put stuff in own rooms then we can take out the hard stuff like beds, drawers, and other heavy things that are going to have me grateful for time to go to bed." My dad said and we agreed. Actually, everyone agreed except me. I didn't say a word or move until I was forced to.

It felt like a moment before I was staring at the door that slammed shut in front of me. I gulped and opened the door. I waited for something to happen but it didn't. It must have been the wind. But I saw the window wasn't open. I started unpacking clothes and hanging them from the closet, still cautious of everything I was doing.

When I started to relax, I heard something. I jumped a little at the noise but my curiosity took over so I stayed and tried to hear what the noise was. It was some type of moaning but it was hoarse. Like someone waking up in the morning but it sounded like it had been asleep forever and I woke it up.

That's when I heard something fall from behind me. I let out a little scream as I turned around. But nothing fell over. Everything was how it was supposed to be. I felt my heart beating loudly and quickly. I backed away shakily before getting out of there.

I shut the door and I panted, scared badly. There was a ghost in my room, which was the only thing that could explain it. How could something make a sound of falling right behind me if nothing fell? And I don't think it took kindly to me waking it up.

I walked into my parents' room as I thought about it. It had to be me who dealt with the ghost. My parents had enough trouble on their hands and Danny would probably get the ghost angrier. And of course not Cody and Allison , who would be scared emotionally if they had to deal with a ghost.

My parents just finished when I came in. "Hey Tara. Want to help me out with the beds and drawers? I have Danny but we could use your help a lot." My dad asked and I nodded, mostly out of it.

My dad led me to the U-Haul and if it hadn't been for him, I doubted that I would have been able to move. Danny was waiting for us outside impatiently. I was totally out of it by this time. I didn't really respond only nod my head. I was too overwhelmed knowing something lived in my room and I had no idea if it liked me or not.

It took us a long time but we finally got everything into the house. If things were still in boxes, we had to take them to the attic. This I didn't want to do. If something was in my room, who knew what was in the attic. But I did it anyway because I nodded before I thought about it.

I took a box and went up to the attic. I was looking around everywhere even if I knew I couldn't see ghosts. I set the box down carefully and was about to leave when I saw a shadow. It was in the shape of a tall man and it was just there but nothing was causing the shadow. I screamed a little louder than I had before and ran down to the second floor. No one heard my scream so that was good.

I realized that the ghost or ghosts were making themselves more known to me. As if they wanted me to know they were there. That could mean they wanted to scare me so we'd leave but I couldn't do anything. We barely moved in and I doubted anyone wanted to move again within a couple of days.

I wiped some sweat of my forehead before gaining my composure. If this kept happening, I would easily lose my sanity. When I needed to comfort myself, I would usually go into my room but my room was the whole problem. But I felt I had to go into my room so I went into my room and shut the door quietly.

I went over to my bed and sat on it. I gave a large sigh. "Why is this happening to me? What did I do?" I asked to myself and maybe even the ghost.

After a few minutes of saying that, the entire room went cold. I grabbed my arms and shivered. How'd it get so cold, so quickly? I felt a bad feeling and the need to get out my room. I stood up quickly. As soon as I stood up, I felt like something smacked me in the face. My eyes watered and my face felt numb. I knew for sure that I had to get out quickly but before I did, the door opened before I got there.

I ran. I ran out of there as fast as I could and downstairs. I kept running until I was outside. I collapsed to the ground, my eyes still giving off tears. Outside, it was sunset so it was only a matter of time until I had to go back to my room and was supposed to sleep.

Thinking of this, I turned around to find my bedroom window. I gasped when I saw it. There was a shadow just like the one from the attic. It looked like it was staring at me but I couldn't be sure because it was a shadow. I moved backwards on the grass. I looked down for a moment and looked back at the window. The shadow was gone.

It took me at least ten minutes before I came back into the house. Everyone was at the table eating and I couldn't believe them. Here I was, being scared for my life within one day and they are acting normal. Then I thought, 'Of course they're acting as they should, I would too if I didn't have a ghost in my room.'

I pretended as if nothing happened and ate with them. Soon, I became more relaxed and started to be myself. But as soon as it was time to go to bed, I became paranoid again. I tried to stall everyone going to bed but it didn't work.

"Cut it out, Tara! Just go to bed!" Danny yelled at me and I glared at him. He went to his bedroom like everyone else did. I stood outside my bedroom door.

"You can do this, Tara. All you have to do is go in, cover your head with blankets, and try to go to sleep…" I said, trying to encourage myself but it hardly worked.

Eventually, I opened the door. Everything was alright, just dark. I ran over to my bed and got in it, ignoring the fact that I didn't have pajamas. I put the covers over my head and clutched the pillows tightly. I noticed I was shaking in my bed but I didn't pay too much attention to it. All I could think about was if I lowered the covers, there would be some demon hanging over me. How I did it I have no idea but I went to sleep, blankets over my head and still clutching pillows.

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