It was finally over, everything had fallen into place, and it seemed that God had turned against him this time. What had he done wrong in his life to have such horrible things happen to him?


It seemed like that question had been ringing through his head for almost a week now. But that didn't matter anymore.

Nothing did.

Not even his own kids.

Everything had happened to so fast that the three agonizing months had gone by in a blur. He couldn't make sense of anything anymore. All of his days had just seemed to mush together in an indescribable haze. He wasn't even sure what day it was, only that it was important, but then as he looked at the calendar her immediately knew what day it was.

It was her day.

His ex-wife's birthday.

He eyed the gun sitting on the table by his chair for a moment before he turned his head back out to the window of his office at his shop. A black truck drove by and he went back into his deep thought. He thought back to where it all started. Back to where it all began.

He had owned Halsey Ford for many years now, it had been passed down from his father to himself. Everything started out fine and dandy until his only son had turned 15. That was when it all started to go downhill.

Slowly the bills were beginning to get bigger and his savings smaller. That was about the time when he saw the light of homosexuality. He was in bliss when he was with him and he forgot all about the debt that he was in.

Then his wife had caught him with his boyfriend.

It was the worst day of his life.

Next came the divorce papers.

And that is where it left him and here he was in his soon to be evicted Ford building with divorce papers signed and passed through the judge strewn all over his table.

It wasn't worth it anymore.

It had to stop here.

And the gun was looking a little more friendlier with each minute passed.

None saw it coming, but as he put his hand on the cool black metal of the gun he whispered his last words.

"Happy Birthday Sharon."

Then pulled the trigger.

Based on a true story.