Part 2


Oh god I hate this, Kara muttered under her breath as she accompanied her mother into the nursing home in Irvine.

There was a bitter cold wind blowing and Kara pulled her black coat tighter around herself.

"Come along dear," Mrs. Parton, Kara's mother, smiled.

Kara rolled her eyes and walked even slower.

The nursing home building was decorated in Christmas lights and a big green wreathe hung on the door.

I can't believe I let mom talk me into coming here, Kara fumed to herself.

Her mother was always trying to control her daughter's every move. Kara found the only way she could really rebel against her mother was by being gothic. Since she was one of the richest teenagers in the neighborhood her parents, mainly her mother since her father worked away from home all the time Kara rarely saw him except on the weekends and then he was always catching up on his sleep, wanted her to be beautiful and proper all the time.

They lived in a three story house right in town. Kara had always had just about anything she wanted. All she had to do was ask for it. But to her, having money and being rich was not what it was cracked up to be. Her mother was very commanding and had tried to raise her daughter to be a proper young lady. Kara had turned out to be a big disappointment though. She was anything but a proper young lady. She tried her very best not to be proper in any way.

Although on the outside Kara appeared gruff and tough, on the inside she was hurting. Her heart had been broken many times and she had given up on love and hope. She had given up on her parents. She had even given up on the magic of Christmas. She hated Christmas and the way everyone was so jolly throughout the holiday. She was disgusted by the bright Christmas lights and the carolers singing on the street corner. She hated everything about it all.

I just want this to be over, Kara thought to herself as she followed her mother.

She lowered her head as a gusty cold wind blew by. Somehow in that short amount of time she collided with a young man in a big rest suite and they both fell to the ground.

"Geeze watch where you're going!" Kara said angrily as she turned to look at the man lying next to her in the parking lot.

"I'm sorry," he said.

"Well I should say," Kara said heatedly.

She raised up and he did too. Their eyes met for a moment and Kara suddenly marveled at the deepness of his blue eyes. One could easily get lost in them.

He certainly didn't look the type to be dressed as Santa Clause. He appeared to be young, not as young as she, but young. Since he didn't have his fake white beard on she could see the contours of his entire face. He was handsome and his face appeared to be smooth and his sandy brown hair was cut very short.

"Here, let me…let me help you up," the young man said as he stood to his feet quickly.

He held out his gloved hand to her and she took it.

"Thank you," she said dusting off her black trench coat.

"I'm terribly sorry for knocking you down. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going," the man said with embracement written all over his handsome face.

"That's alright," Kara muttered as she pushed back a strand of her long jet black hair from her eyes.

She then noticed that the sack full of gifts that he had been carrying were strewn across the blacktop. Suddenly she felt guilty for being so sharp and hateful to the poor guy. Here he was probably just trying to make a living and she had been short with him.

"Oh gosh, I'll…I'll help you get these," Kara said as she bent down and picked up a box of candy canes.

"That's alright. I can do it. You should go on inside. It's getting colder out here," the young man said as she knelt down and began picking up the gifts and placing them in the big red sack.

Kara knelt down and tried to help him but he took her hand in his and smiled.

"It's really okay. You should go on in," he said.

Kara's heart seemed to skip a beat by the touch of his hand upon hers. She only nodded and stood. Her mother had already went inside and hadn't even noticed her daughter's collision with the fake Santa Clause.

As Kara stepped inside the nursing she glanced back at the fake Santa Clause kneeling down in the parking lot picking up his precious gifts.

He sure is a cute Santa Clause, she chuckled to herself.

To be continued…