Mario Would Be a Republican

There are certain facets of Mario, going back to the original game, that mark it as a distinctly post-industrial game. What is Mario? He is a plumber. Plumbing is a post-industrial profession, a profession that comes following the construction of modern sewage systems. Mario does not build the pipes he uses, but he clears them of enemies, and in turn does so to uphold traditional social values (saving the princess).

In this sense, Mario is a militant conservative hero. He seeks to uphold traditional social values, without commenting on them one way or another (being voiceless). To do so, he will impart to the principle of any means necessary—as such, he demonizes his enemies (Bowser). Mario's racism, in a sense, is merely a facet of his militant conservative viewpoint and with his amoral and unthinking nature. Remember, Mario never "thinks" – only the player does that for him.

Following this, Mario is a means of propagating his militant viewpoint. By not thinking for himself, he forces the player to come to decisions for him. A – There are monsters in the way. B – You can't beat the level without beating the monsters. C – Therefore, you must kill the monsters. Not Mario. You. You are the one killing the enemies, by telling Mario to kill them for you. Mario is a voiceless, unthinking hero, thus it is left to the player to order him.

Mario follows traditional authority figures—that is, he obeys every command the player gives him. Mario accepts the player as his master, and in turn, Mario accepts his role as the slave. Mario may be a racist conservative unthinking militant hero, but Mario never really does anything himself. Thus, Mario leaves the actual perpetuation of his racism, militant nature, and dogmatic conservatism, to his master to tell him to do. Unlike a movie, or other media, by being a video game character, Mario's violence is really the player's violence, because unlike a movie, the player can order Mario to kill or not to kill with the press of a button.

Mario urges the modern player to:

A – Obey Traditional Authority Figures.

B – Uphold and Protect this authority without question.

C – To achieve A and B irregardless of other moral systems.

Thus, Mario is a racist, militant, conservative. He is appealing, because he is a post-industrial hero, thus the players can identify with him more, in addition to his voiceless nature and his social anonymity. But he leaves the propagation of his views to others. Thus, in essence, Mario is a true Republican hero.