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-For Me, You'll Always Be Right-

You always tell me that you're right,
I believe in you without a fight.
You think you're going to win each time,
I cheer you on with all but crime.
You feel you're the best in every way,
I root you on through the worst of each day.
You tell me that you're better than all,
I agree that you can go through the toughest wall.
You say to me that you can never die,
I laugh but don't dare ask "Why?"
You tell me that nothing can ever scare you,
I tell you you're right and that it's very true.
You think that you've never made a mistake,
I respond "I agree" each time you awake.
You tell me you love me and that it's very true,
I fall back and laugh whispering "I love you, too."