The Rippling Quiet


In the dark of the night…

Such soul touching quiet

That I'd never felt before


An honest worn timbre, piano keys falling, immersed

Ancient primal heartbeat

Muffled rhythmic

P u l s e s

Gelatinous background intertwining

Each hair-thin twist of audio panorama


A silent, all-seeing spectre




Russet-streaked apples and the fading dusk

Earth, soil, the closed-eyed acceptance of

Gaia's serenity

Such physicality,

Such raw, understated passion that

I could barely comprehend

Melody striking recognition, unexpected, from within my heart

Tired, kindly saxophone notes

Mind's voice

Culminating red crescendo descending softly into

Steady acceptance




Weary pieces of me, washing away


Bits, tearing calmly off a photograph


Pure essence





A/N: This was unexpected. My inspiration had just about up and left…until tonight. It's pretty late…it's morning actually. Kind of apprehensive about posting this...I've got a feeling this is pretty much a mishmash of nothing. But listening to Miserere by Cat Empire just gave me the's such a beautiful, beautiful song. To the person who sent it to me, thank you so much.:) I'm sorry if the poem is totally was just how I felt while listening to the song.

Perhaps some things should just be felt instead.:)