A Mere Memory

Dedicated to DISNEY. This poem includes mostly Disney films and has a mention of some TV programs and nursery rhymes (in England...no idea if you've heard of them) so if you don't know them, then don't feel too surprised. Have you ever felt a longing for your childhood? Well, this is the poem for you! Enjoy!

You sat by the fire or cuddled in your bed,

Listening to the stories and every word that was said,

In wide-eye fascination and child-like suspense,

You admired the hero's bravery with innocence,

The tales of warriors as they fought enemies,

The magic, the fairies living inside trees,

Spirits that haunted your bedroom at night,

The clash of swords as knights freely fight,

Rapunzel, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Goldilocks,

Snow White, Princess Bride, With silk dresses and socks,

With long golden hair that captured the light,

Enchantments, curses, the magic dust at twilight,

Robin Hood, Shrek, The Lady and the Tramp,

Action Man, Superman, Aladdin and the lamp,

Spiderman, King Arthur, the fairest lady of the wood,

They were all admired, along with others who stood,

Bartok, Bambi, Buffy the Vampire Slayer,

Thumbelina, Mary, not much of a sayer,

Xena and the ladies in Charmed shone bright,

Fought with determination, seeking the light,

You grew up with these fantasies floating around,

Nursery rhymes, garden chimes, blowing a sound,

Doll houses, plastic figures that you loved and admired,

Disappointment settled when they quickly retired,

Humpty Dumpty, the egg-shaped guy who fell,

Baa Baa Black Sheep who lent you some wool to sell,

Twinkle star that shone down, casting its' beam,

Old McDonald who had animals for a team,

Barbie, Bratz and Polly Pocket,

Some broken necks and empty sockets,

Blubber, Hulk and countless others,

Fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers,

The Santa Clause who'd visit every year at Christmas,

Eat cookies and milk and get on with his business,

Leave a coupla presents in stockings and under the tree,

Hoping to please and reward you early,

Even now, as you grow older, sometimes you feel,

Nostagic and sentimental for that family meal,

You long for thse days that seem like a fantasy,

But remember, they are nothing more than A Mere Memory...