Simply Complicated

'If I had a dime for every possibility I presented, my wealth would render this loss no less severe...' - 'Simple Together, Alanis Morrisette

Memories no longer bring tears,

I've moved on, and so have you...

Too long, it seemed, I'd been clinging onto dreams,

And reality came bursting through again

So it's not that easy to forget those times

Echoes of memories resurface

Making an intake of breath a chore

However, I'm no longer paralyzed...

I'm no longer a 'couple'

We're no longer 'together'

We're off in seperate directions,

As I knew we would be eventually

I just didn't expect it then

Moving on, that's what it's come down to-

Discarding a memory here, forgetting an echo there,

Until finally, I am rid of this and start again.