eggshells, broken glass, little twigs that always snap!
this is my terrain. the feeling that I'm trapped
in a delicate and dangerous situation
is ever present. this current jubilation
is dampened by a constant moral warning,
which is with desire always warring.
but it's a battle I choose to fight,
as you lay upon me with the light
shining brightly overhead. the cool air
breezes by, ruffling your hair
as you recount the thrills and injuries,
unfazed by this great perjury
committed against another whom you love.
you betray what you've been thinking of,
and I just smile and look away,
because it's so impossible to say
exactly how I feel; such a vast array
of emotions that are constantly in sway.
as my nervousness begins to wane,
I fear there's less for me to gain,
save for a greater sense of futility
as I expose ere unsaid humilities
in exchange for briefest moments
of reciprocated fondness. it's torment
to continue along this razor wire path,
but allow me yet to choose my epitaph.

TMK 11.30.2005