with you

i wear more t-shirts when i'm with you.
not because you're not worth the effort
because you don't care—you still think
i'm beautiful.

i care less what people think when i'm with you
because no matter what they say
when i come home
you tell me how amazing i am.

i forget to wear my retainer when i'm with you.
because we whisper until
we fall asleep
awake just long enough to say "i love you."
12:03, up in six hours
but i fall asleep with a smile on my face.

i hurt less when i'm with you.
because when you find me on my knees
you pull me up and say
"you're too good to be down there."
and kiss me.

when i'm with you—the days flow easier
breath comes easier
because if i'm a mess
you'll tell me
you love me
and i'm beautiful when i cry.