highschool hopeless romantics

He'd been etching a caricature of teenage

love in his notebook, eager of the fresh-faced

innocent girl that whispered gently in crisp night,

"I double dare you", intimately, eyes-wide,

and brought him to towering heights;

The school roof, in midnight madness, wine eyes

swimming in a blurred fog of adrenaline.

"Jump," she mouthed, pink lips that had only

known right answers in school, her lily-white

fingers wiggling back and forth as she awaited

teachers to call upon her, to glorify her.

A faint glimmer in those claret eyes told him

to take the leap, faith manifested in that all

things would eventually end well.

In everything anyone had ever told him, that he

would not be the victim, that he would not fall

from that roof and fade away.

What lies they told him.