The Petrified Inhabitants

(Version one – To Close for Comfort)

By: Darkmaster2

The sun beamed down on the green fields near a small village by the ocean. Seagulls soared freely on the gentle summer's breeze. A lone boy sat on a stretch of sand at the junction where land meets water. The youth laid back in the sand, shoulder length black hair fanned out beneath him. The sound of the wind and ocean's waves cracking on hidden rocks filled his ears like the excitement at a festival.

Blue eyes shot open suddenly after hearing a faint noise in the distance out to sea. He thought for a moment, maybe he was hearing things but sat up anyway just to be sure. Off in the distance near a cliff over to the left, as the boy watched he grew more and more curious. The speck at sea slowly came closer as the tide pulled it to shore.

The boy stood and raced to the cliff, a thin path around the base led out over the water. Leather boots stepped cautiously out on the path, sea spray hit his face from three feet below. The black haired youth looked out as the speck came even closer. The boy's mouth hung open in awe. A large ship came into view roughly 40 feet off shore. Large men wearing chain mail armor occupied the vessel. They were talking amongst themselves and eating large amounts of meat.

The boy stood on the path scared, so pale he was blue. These men looked absolutely dangerous. He had heard stories from traveling merchants about large men that burned down villages and impaled babies on spears.

While the boy became lost in his thoughts and memories the Vikings on the ship all stopped what they were doing. The youth, who suddenly realized that all he could hear was the sound of the ocean, looked up. As if given a signal the large men, roughly 20-30 in number, all turn to the boy, whose body tried melting in to the rocks.

A wicked smile appeared on all their faces. One man with short brown hair walked to one side of the boat and picked up a large battle axe. It was worn from battle and looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a while. The boy's heart fell into his stomach as that same man walked back to the side closest to him, and with a great heave the axe was thrown, twirling in midair. Blue innocent eyes widened out of pure terror when the axe slammed into the cliff right beside his head.

The Vikings laughed and continued on their way. After a few moments the boy's head shook slightly as it turned to the battle axe. His heart sank even lower as he noticed the axe had cut part of his hair off, not to mention a thin stream of blood down his temple.


… Or is it…

- I might write another one… -