Rose of Glass

with tears of glass
trailing paths of blood
down a twisted face
shattering upon the ground
of a cursed place

longing for a feeling
of gentleness inside
from being loved
by someone else
with a gentle soul like mine

I shouldn't give my heart so freely
in hopes of having it protected
by someone you says they love me
with lies within their soul
and intentions of pocessing me
with their twisted ways

My heart bleeds within me
broken by another man
who said he loved me
when he did not
I wanted love
and he broke my heart

Why do I let this happen
constant shattering of my heart
fragile as a rose of glass
resting within my soul
now piercing me with crystal shards
as I cry away my pain

Is there someone out there
who understands my soul
who knows what truly hurts me
and what makes me cry
on lonely nights?

Is there someone out there
who will fix my broken smile
mend the scars of broken love
and kiss away my tears?

If there is someone out there
someone just for me
I hope he understands
while I'm may seem strong and pure
I'm still a rose
of crystal glass