Watching your mouth move
Nothing is heard
Screaming at the sky
Nothing has stirred

Not quite alive
But not really dead
The void of the world
Made me something else instead

Sinners have taken
My meaning away
The heathens of television
Darkened my day

Nothing but a soldier
With nothing to lose
Win or die trying
The end that I choose

Speaking for freedoms
No personal gain
I can't know your pleasures
But I feel your pain

God left me blinded
They fed me their lies
But I've wiped the blood away
And ripped open my eyes

Silently watching
These puppets on the shelf
Give hope to the needy
Leave none for myself

Crusader of their presence
Their cries are my sword
Impenetrable faith
Peace is my reward

Hear Divine Wastelands singing
"He's got nothing left"
Follow as I liberate
Mending the rift

Drop convictions like bombs
Straight out of the blue
I'll never stop this Holy Sacrifice
I give…
…my life

…to you.