III. October 22nd

Another day of
Sleeking down the road
Just like yesterday-
Spot another almost-cool kid
(Or is it one he's already seen before?)
Green sneakers with holes like moldy
Swiss cheese
Jeans- these ain't no Levi's
Home grown
Hair cut by hand most likely
Not the hand that belongs to a mother who
Pretended to be a hairdresser to save 5 dollars
Eyes a miraculous color of orange and purple and green
Big and beautiful
(Just like buttons)

III ½ . October 22nd

See those red eyes again and again
Always coming back for more
Like they do in those soup lines-
Dress up in a different worn outfit
And (pretend) to still be hungry
Hot like the sun minus a couple thousand degrees
Sweat from the heat
Or from nerves?
Approaching- slowly
Like the tortoise
Who won in the end
This time I will do it, I will stop him.
Slowly, barely noticeable
Spotted, reflex!
Bend down to tie shoes
That have always reminded him of
Moldy Swiss cheese