Attraction's so complex
when it's half imaginary

Opposition beguiled and b-rated
faceless and lossless
convert or die campaign
ad infinitum

Shot up dumb
they applaud in the back room
dealing ductile heroines
stuck up and ready to be written

I've stopped my silly consoling
beg to be macro-controlled
filled out with perfect composure
thigh drawn and fired

Such a vile pulp 'it' girl
serving the server
annealed but unhealed
lackluster, so tired

Why the leaden face pretty poet?
didn't see she was fine like a mine

We want for nothing!
but wish for nothingness

Stumbling through green scrub
to puddles of ink, tide
washes though sandy shoreline
I retreat into my horoscope

MS unsafe words
and novel code
dampen tissue
slough off skin
make us up like new again

Plead for one who doesn't care
that your saliva is assault
and battery acid

She may lose a spark
but will be firmer and wetter
rips at wires, strokes cords
ebbing gracefully
it must be a sin

Chant and rave:
it's all depraved

And language will infect you
like a bloated chigger
'cus you don't have the courage
to embrace the trigger

Only a slug
will outrace the world for you

But maybe there's a reason
utopia is nowhere
life will efface the verses
well I don't care

She was kissing by proxy
on an acrid field
the day the endless revolution was revealed