-Falling in Love with the Devil-

Come whisper in my ear,

And tell me that you're near.

I am weak and useless when you're not here,

So assure me that you'll come home soon, my dear.

I count the days I haven't seen you,

When you're gone, I'm feeling real blue.

You're no longer here to kiss me goodnight,

It's dark and lonely, so please turn on this light.

My heart is broken, and only you can fix it,

I know it might hurt me, but just for a small bit.

There's a place in my heart that you need to fill,

But in order to do that, you must also kill.

I feel we relate and our love is at level,

But I keep hearing rumors that you are the devil.

I don't really care about what they all say,

They will come and go each and every day.

But you are the one that will stay by my side,

Without you, I honestly would have just died.

I'm allowing you to take me down below,

Where the fire rises and the lava will glow.

For we will have each other, and that's all that we need,

And once we reach the underworld, together we shall bleed.