A World Filled with Joy

Early in the day, I enjoyed the morning by pouncing on the northern winds and gliding across the smooth surface. Reaching out my hand towards the golden yellow sun, I soar through the air, my hand touching every cloud I passed by, delicately and gently. I pressed my cheek against the soft mirror-like clouds, and carefully glanced at the young woman looking back. I looked like a graceful angel that had descended from the magnificent skies above. Lost in my world of glee, I pleaded this was not all just a glorious dream. I didn't want all my happiness to soon come to a dead end. But I didn't think about it for too long, for I had to savor each moment before it was too late.

I found myself anxiously searching the skies for answers, and gazing at the shimmering planet down below. The flowers danced along with the wind's melodic tune, and the trees showed off their vivid green leaves. Birds all around, hummed and chirped in the heavens above, while the calm ocean waves slowly made their way on shore. Every person I passed by, greeted me with an affectionate smile, and a comforting hug. Every enemy I once had, said their apologies and shook my hand with kindness. All my grief and misery was goneā€¦gone somewhere far away, for good. It seemed like it would never come back to haunt me. They would never find me in this world of tender love and true friendship.

My anger at the world disappeared, my hate vanished into thin air, and my pain quickly faded away from my restless soul. No longer was my soul empty and cold. It was now filled up to the rim with wonderful feelings, I did not know even existed. Revenge was no longer a part of my vocabulary, and every nightmare I once had was placed in a jar and tightly shut. Regret and guilt evaporated from my body, as I could finally sleep at ease, knowing I was forgiven.

I rested my head upon a field of colorful daisies, and recalled my unforgettable memories. They were memories of death, confusion, depression, hatred, devastation, and longing to be content. As my eyes filled up with tears of remembrance, I soon forgot everything that once chewed up my life, and spit it back out. I no longer had worries of my loved ones dying. I no longer had fear of being killed. It was almost like I was on some type of drug, that wouldn't let me think badly. It only let me open my mind to the thoughts that were willing to make me laugh, smile, and dance. But this was no drug, for drugs soon wear off. Maybe it was a fantasy, or a dream. But no, it all felt too real, it couldn't possibly be unreal.

I pranced about the Garden of Love and felt the cold breeze encountering my peaceful body. I let the gentle wind take me up above, and once again, watched the cheerful world down below. In this place I now called "Undisturbed Territory," my body was no longer being tortured by the evil spirits that enjoyed hearing little girls in agony and old men in misery. They would never find me in this game of hide-and-seek, for I was now hiding in a place where they could not possibly enter. The streams of light from Undisturbed Territory, would blind their eyes, as the laughter of blissful children would tear apart their heart. They would leave remembering to never come back, for the world of pleasure and delight is always undefeatable. Until the end of time, victory and success would belong to the people of my land. The people of the Undisturbed Territory; where no one could be bothered.

Serenity captivated the atmosphere, while tranquility spread across the face of the planet. The environment reminded those who remained evil, that there were consequences if they dared bother those willing to be good. So, I continued to tell myself to remain joyful and free, for they could never stop me from being happy. I elegantly sat by the dazzling beach, and let the tiny waves slowly brush past my toes. I feel the silky intensity of the shore sand between my fingers, and let the feeling of harmony encounter my graceful body.

Nighttime finally takes over the sky and specks of yellow appear above. These specks form bigger, and I soon realized they are stars. I carefully pull myself off from the ground, and climb up a long golden ladder leading to one of the stars. I reach the top within seconds, and read a tiny note on the glowing radiant star: Make a wish.

I considerately thought about what my wish should be. I soon enough burst out in laughter, as I realize I knew exactly what I wanted all along, to begin with. I write down my wish and wait for it to be granted. I close my eyes, and when I open them, I am back in my own world; in my real world. It wasn't worth it. Undisturbed Territory wasn't real enough. Those emotions my body encountered were great and all, but I wanted those emotions to occur when something special actually happened. Like when I make a new friend, or when I receive a compliment. And feeling a little hate and anger every once in a while isn't that bad. You'll eventually get through it with a loved one or a family member. You have to learn how to work a problem out, that's the most important part of living in a genuine world. It is hard most of the time, and the feelings you contain inside of you aren't always great, but once you accomplish your goal, or defeat what seems like an impossible task, your feeling will gradually go away.

That is when real and true happiness comes within you. You may think living in a perfect world is fantastic and amazing, and it is. Well, for a while, that is. But what's the point of not making a mistake every once in a while? What if you can't ever be wrong? What if you couldn't get angry, disappointed, or annoyed at the little things in life? You'll never learn or discover new things, if you're immortal. Living in a world where nothing ever goes wrong is tiresome and uninteresting. That's why God gave us bad emotions and feelings; so we would never get bored, and would be able to gain knowledge and experience from the boulders that might block our pathway in the near future.

My wish was: I wish everything would go back to normal. Life isn't perfect, that's why we have dreams and fantasies, instead. There, we can pretend and imagine those wonderful feelings all the time, but in reality, we can actually make them happen.