-You Are There For Me-

The snowy trees shake with the windy breeze,

As the nearest lake is yet starting to freeze.

The dark night sky reveals a silver moon,

From far away, it looks like an ancient rune.

I feel so scared, and I feel so alone,

The only thing I can do is frown and groan.

No one understands me; I'm so lost in my life,

I don't like my heart being stabbed by a knife.

I wish someone would help, and that someone would care,

I hate this world, and this feeling I have is not fair.

A pearly white dove peacefully flies away,

I start to notice a hooded man trying to say,

"You have a way of putting everything together,

And even making my life ten times better."

I start to ponder and figure out what this strange man said,

'Is he talking to me, or maybe his lover that's dead?'

He swiftly pulls down his hood and shows his handsome face,

"You cannot rush life, as it's not close to being a race!"

I smile as I realize who this charming guy is,

It's my father, of course, he is the wiz.

He is the one, who will always be there for me,

He wants me to be strong, and the best I can be.

With him, I might survive what seems like an illusion,

I want him to be with me, so I won't have confusion.

I love this man, he is better than all.

I know he will catch me, each time shall I fall.