Twelve o'clock and all is well,

Anger lurks in the corners of hell.

Darkness lingers, fear all around,

Screams radiate from the ground.

The show is starting, go ahead,

I'll meet you there, I'm not quite dead.

Redness burns through my eyes,

There's nothing in the circus of lies.

Bang your head in, rip out my hair,

Do it now, or don't you dare?

Hurry up; get on with the show,

Everyone's watching, where else can they go?

Please continue, its fun to watch,

What's wrong with you, you can't stop!

There's nothing left for you, we're all alone,

There's no where to go, don't remember? This is home.

As of now all is well, its twelve o'clock,

Welcome to the circus of hell.