The spirit is willing, but weak is the flesh

So now I just need your mercies afresh.

Because I want to do good, but I just keep on sinning;

I battle temptation, but I haven't been winning.

I've been saved, and I want to do what is right,

But the forces of bad sure put up a strong fight.

Whatever I do, it just seems I can't win.

Sin overcomes me again and again.

God brings out Jekyll, the good of the pair;

He's blessed me with loving mercy and care.

And I would be Hyde, who brings back the bad;

For some reason returning to the death I once had.

Why do I do it? It's fun for a minute

But at consequence time I wish I'd never been in it.

And still, whenever I try to do good,

I go back and do what my sin nature would.

Please help me, God, because I'm so inconsistent.

Help me do good, and do it persistent.

I need to control the two sides within;

Step into the light and away from the sin.