O Lord, You have been my stregnth when I could not stand,

You promised me I'd be okay- and I finally am.

You stayed by my side and comfortted me when all seemed lost-

You caught all of my tears and made me smile despite myself.

Through this, You have made me stronger.

You saw the light when all I lived in was darkness

Thank You, O Lord, for keeping me safe within the fortress of Your presence.

Bless Your name, Lord, and let praise shine forth.

Blessed assurance, I now claim You for my very own-

Your love sought me, and the weary vagrant has found her everlasting home

Far from fear and pain, I can embrace the Glory of Your majesty.

True love like this, I have never known-

You have wrought fine silver of this discarded spirit,

And thus, I can shine in Your everlasting light of Love

Praise Your Name Forever,


CostumeForAGutterballDecember 2005