Mary E. Lyons


Argument Paper

Ch.1 Tension

Free as the birds, that's what I was. Up high in the sky, far away from the Uss Roosevelt carrier, and the rest of the world. Only connected to the ground by a communication line. The had a few puffy clouds but I wasn't interested in them. I was interested in mulling over the past events that had happened in the few weeks that I had been aboard the carrier. Silently one single tear rolled down my cheek.

Suddenly there was a tiny bit of static coming through my headset. Then with a startling clarity my captain, Commander Rollis, deep voice boomed over the silence.

"Luis. Return to the Uss Roosevelt ASAP. We need to talk. Over."

"Fighter 1 confirms orders. Heading back to the Uss Roosevelt. Changing coordinates. Over and out."

Gently tilting the control stick I turned the plane around to head back to the carrier. I knew what Rollis wanted to talk to me about. He was not going to be happy with my response.

"Lowering altitude to 5,000 ft." I announced automatically.

"Fighter 1, you are clear for landing. Over." The watch tower's voice echoed over my headset.

"Over and out."

With that announcement I tilted my plane towards the landing strip and started the landing sequence. Coming in a little too high I adjusted so that I came in a little lower. Landing with a bump I smiled, touch down. Parking my plane to the left side, I hopped out and climbed down.

"Commander Rollis is waiting for you in the office down in the main control room." The young man announced before saluting.

Saluting him back I smiled and walked towards the stairs that led down to the other levels. At least I could take a while to get there. Walking down the hall I glanced at the plane maintenance center and the hospital ward where Lieutenant Johnson lay unconscious still. It had been three weeks since the accident. I dwelt on that for a minute. A few minutes later I heard my name being called.

"Lieutenant Luis. Come join me in the office."

"Yes, sir."

"What do you know about Lieutenant Johnson's concussion?"

"As much as you do, sir." My eyebrows came together in confusion.

"Well, at least tell me what you know. Please."

"You ordered us to take the new kid up and then suddenly a crisis came up and you ordered into us into action. You ordered the new calf to remain in observation status only. Well, Johnson got into a tight situation and got hit. The new calf came in and saved him. We carried Johnson back to the carrier on our wings. That day the new calf was a hero."

"Not in my eyes. See this is where we disagree, Luis. The new calf disobeyed orders."

"Permission to speak freely, sir?"


"He did disobey orders I'll give you that. But he made a choice that saved Henry's life! You have to give him some sort of honorary award, sir!"

"Really, well, maybe you'd like to know that you're "hero" brought back an unconscious Johnson and he's still in critical condition."

Gritting my teeth, I managed to ground out, "But he brought him home ALIVE that's all that matters. Sir, when Johnson wakes, he'll still be able to fly. The only reason he's in critical condition is because of the accident, not because of Kelly. Give Kelly the award, sir. Please."


"Why not?"

"Because he disobeyed orders!" Commander Rollis almost yelled, his face red with anger.

"I've disobeyed orders, sir! You still gave me an award! Why not to Kelly. What do you have against him?" Irritation filled my voice.


"Come on Commander. What do you have against Kelly?"

"Nothing. I've nothing against Kelly."

Gently, almost carefully, he sat down in his swivel chair behind the desk. He placed his head in his hands and sighed. I knew that for now I had won, but I was bound and determined to find out why Commander Rollis was so mad at Private Kelly.

"Sir?" I asked attentively.

Startled, he looked up from his hands.

"Why are you so against giving Kelly his award? You know it's what Johnson would want. Sir do you not like Kelly for personal reasons?"

Commander stared at me speechless.

Knowing that I had finally won my point I stood straight and clicked my heels. Saluting him I turned and walked out of the office with the Commander still staring after me. "You can never mix your emotions in with your work." It was a quote that every solider no matter his division or rank knew. When work, or in this case acknowledging a pilot, shouldn't be altered because of your opinion of the man, because to another he is a hero. I knew that Kelly would get his award because when Johnson wakes up he's going to want Kelly to get awarded his purple heart. After all he deserves it. It was good work, for a new calf.

(Hope that ya'll like it and would like to see my new chapter. Fawn.)