"The Death of Me"

I don't understand…what it is I'm trying to do.
My eyes cannot bear to see you any longer.
Yet I cannot tear my gaze away; ever.
My mind is bursting with memories.
All they leave is pain;
And regret you wouldn't believe.
My tattered soul withstands bruises everyday.
There's not a moment I don't wish you were mine.
The tightening of my chest has happened so many times;
It has become natural, so natural to feel so broken.
Reality has banished me to hell.
The agony reoccurring with every thought; every vision.
Every night I can't sleep; you penetrating my mind.
And yet as I suffer all by myself, tears ever flowing.
You continue to love some other, unaware.
Unaware of the pain flowing through me everyday.
Bleeding from the very feelings you had; once.
That could be…the very death of me.