The Unforgettable Sound
Rating: R

I call into work as soon as I wake up-what happened last night with Kevin's phone call was...overwhelming. I love him, sure, but I've got Josh...and he's just as wonderful as Kevin...if not more.

He wakes up an hour later than I do. "Joey?" he asks, putting an arm on my shoulder.

"Kevin called last night,"

"So that's who you were talking to,"

"You knew?"

Josh smiles sadly at me. "Honey, I heard everything...I know you love him, you can tell in the way you look into his eyes..." his eyes are wet.

"Josh, I still love you...It's just...Kevin's been there forever...and you're just...recent. And I don't mean to say that to be a dick, but Kevin's been with me through everything...and he reminds me of you so much...which is probably why I'm attracted to you in the first place...and oh my god I'm in love with my best friend," I whisper against Joshs' neck.

"Shh..." he soothes. "It'll be okay...You can go after Kevin...if he doesn't take you, I'll be here. If he does...I'll...I'll move out," he smiles and wipes my eyes.

"But...I don't want you to just leave," I whisper. "I still love you, Josh,"

"I know. And I still love you. But...You've loved Kevin for years. And now he's telling you he loves you too. I wouldn't pass up the chance. I'll still be around if he doesn't take you,"

I look up into his eyes sadly and sob. "B-But..." I swallow. "Josh...I don't want to leave you,"

Josh has a wet face that matches mine. "It's not fair to him, Joey,"

" fucking love you, Josh! I don't want to leave you!"

He sighs. "I know. But you know I'm right and that you need to go to him. Because he's pissed off at you because you didn't give him an answer when he called. You need to see him, Joey. I'll be here when you get back. I promise," Josh kisses me and pushes me towards the door and throws me car keys.


"I love you, too, sweetie," he smiles with a sad look in his eyes, like he knows what's going to happen. And it makes my eyes start to water.

But before I know it, I'm already calling Alecksis and asking for directions.

I arrive at their house that night at 8:12. The house has two stories, and it's all woods-y, wood siding and everything. I go up to the door and ring the doorbell. Alecksis answers.

"Hi, Joey. I didn't know you were so eager to see our house,"

"Yeah, I guess I just love my best friends family too much to go very long without seeing them," I give her a smile and she looks at what I'm wearing.

"Joey, where'd you get your clothing?" she 'tsk, tsk's and drags me inside. "Kevin's upstairs at the moment, I have to wake him up in 10 minutes to come eat,"


"You're welcome to stay here, Joey," Alecksis says from the kitchen.

"I don't know if I should stay, Alecksis. Kevin might be a little pissed off at me because of what I did last night,"

"Ah...You didn't respond to him when he told you he loved you. Yeah, that got him worked up real good, Joey,"

"You know?"

"He told me he loved you before he proposed. He loved you. But he told me to never say a word. I never did, either, until now," she starts to walk upstairs, leaving me all alone. Ugh. It seems as though everyone knew everything besides me.

Five minutes later, he comes down with her. She shuts off the stove and takes her coat before leaving.

Kevin takes notice of me and his eyes start watering.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" he whispers, crossing his arms.

"It's about last nights phone call,"

"Oh, right, I'm so sorry I took time out of my night to call you," he says with a bitter tone.

I cringe. He hates me. "No, Kevin, that's not what I'm here for," I swallow as I watch him cry. "You said you loved me,"

"Yeah, so?"

"There's something I've got to tell you," he sits down on the stairs. "I love you too. I didn't ever want to tell you because you always had too much to deal with and I thought you'd just blow me off,"

Kevin looks at me a moment before whispering, "I think you should go," I nod and leave. I guess, in a way, I expected him to do this.

It's roughly 3 AM when I get home, and Josh is watching TV.

I throw my keys to the floor and fall beside him.


"I'm all yours," I say before my eyes start to water.

"What happened?"

"I told him I loved him and he told me to leave," Josh snakes an arm around me. I know deep down, he's glad Kevin rejected me.

"Shh..." he whispers, running fingers through my hair. "It's alright..."

"I...I had so many chances to tell him..." I sob into his chest.

"It was obvious to everyone that he loved you, too. The only people that didn't know you were both in love were the two of you," Josh says over my sobs.

"That doesn't really help me right now," I whisper. Josh lifts his other arm to hug me.

"I know," for a few minutes the only sound is of my crying. "Will you be alright?"

"Of course," Josh kisses my cheek and pulls us up.

"I called us both in and said we were having issues..."

"Wh...What'd they say?"

"Your boss said that he hopes we'll work things out. Mine almost fired me. But he always almost fires me," Josh gives a light laugh as he sets me on the bed and shuts off the light. He crawls onto the bed himself, and kisses me again before wrapping his arms around me. "I love you, Joey,"

"I love you too, Josh," I reply sleepily as I drift off to sleep. Just as much as I love Kevin.