It was a cold December night
as the moon fell to the edge of the sky
and pulled the star
up to dance on the inky ballroom floor.
The sounds of Tchaikovsky
played in the background
as Fate stepped into the room
with the curtain over the jealous sun.
She glances at the pair,
the moon and the star,
and her ice-colored eyes
start to tear.
As the tears fall, escaping Fate,
they freeze and fall to the inky floor
as snowflakes
on that cold December night.
The moon and the star pause
then step onto a snowflake,
high and higher,
until the pair reach the top
just to fall once more.
Fate watches
as the two return to their love,
ignoring the world below
and she watches
until the curtain begins to move
across the wall,
turning the sky into watercolor,
streaks of all your fantasies.
The moon and the star stop
and retreat behind the curtain
as that sun, no longer jealous,
takes to the stage
with its very own spotlight
and Fate watches
her tears made of raindrops
as the sun dances alone
until that curtain
with clouds in the coffee
falls across the stage,
transforming it into that ballroom
as Fate watches.