End of Innocence by writerforever

Dedicated to anyone who has ever gone to far and can't seem to get back.

We sat side by side in the tall grass

The summer evening was filled with magic

I long for your touch

I long to feel you all around me

Slowly I reach out

Our hands touch

My hormones are raging

Our passion is ignited


Things begin to happen

Things we promised never to do

Until we were married


In the end we lay breathless

In the end innocence is lost

We are poisoned by what has just happened


I leave you lying there

I walk away

Sick on the inside

And confused


I look to the heavens

God, what have I done?

God, do you still love me?

God, can you ever forgive me?

Or have I done the unforgivable?


My life is never the same

The past haunts me

We can't look at each other

We are ashamed

We think God has deserted us


As I wallow in my despair

A voice so soft

So lovingly

Whispers in my soul:

"I have forgiven you and I love you still."